May 25, 2022

1950 (MCML in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.


9 January: massacre of the Riunite Foundries in Modena, with six dead and a hundred injured, during a trade union demonstration by the workers of the Riunite Foundries. The police forces - interior minister Mario Scelba - violently charge the demonstrators and shoot some of them. January 10 - Milan: the trial of Rina Fort begins in the Assize Court, she is accused of killing her lover's wife and three children. She will be sentenced to life in prison. January 16: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg recognize the state of Israel. January 17: the United Nations organization entrusts Italy, for a period of ten years, with the trusteeship of Somalia, a former Italian colony. January 26: India becomes a republic, gaining independence from Great Britain. January 31: President of the United States of America Harry Truman officially announces a program for the development of the hydrogen bomb. February 9: In a speech in the city of Wheeling, West Virginia, Senator Joseph McCarthy claims that 205 communists infiltrated the United States State Department. In the USA - under the label of "Red Terror" - the McCarthyist repression against the most varied forms of dissent and ideological and cultural "diversity" that marks the acme of anti-Communist ideology in the history of the United States begins. February 15: Two Viet Cong battalions - nationalist guerrillas from North Vietnam - attack a French military base in Indochina. February 14: the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China sign a bilateral defense treaty. February 15: Walt Disney's Cinderella is released in cinemas, a film that revives the fortunes of Walt Disney Studios after the Second World War and is still considered one of the greatest masterpieces of animated cinema today. March 1: riots of vast proportions, with numerous victims, mark the occupation by the peasants of the uncultivated lands owned by the landowners in the south of Italy. Numerous other Italian regions follow the example, such as Lombardy, Emilia, Lazio and the Marches. The unrest extends to the industrial areas of Genoa and Venice. The Council of Ministers dictates provisions to the public force to put an end to the unrest without any hesitation. The policemen are equipped with ready-to-use weapons. March 5 - Italy: from the union of the trade unionists of the Unified Socialist Party and the minority groups of the Italian Federation of Workers (FIL), the Italian Union of Labor (UIL) is born. Italo Viglianesi is appointed to the secretariat. March 22: Egypt asks Great Britain to withdraw its troops from the Suez Canal. The nationalization policy of Egyptian President Gamal Abd el-Nasser begins. March 24 The Kingdom of Jordan formally annexes the territory of the West Bank. The CISNAL trade union, the Italian Confederation of National Workers' Unions, is established. April 1: Italy takes over the trust administration of Somalia that had been entrusted to it by the UN on January 17. April 27: Gérard Blitz founds the Club Méditerranée association. April 30 - Celano massacre: several shots fired against a group of farm laborers gathered in the square, two men were killed and several wounded. May 3 - Italy: Marshal Rodolfo Graziani, commander of the Italian forces in the African countryside is sentenced by the military court to 19 years in prison for war crimes; but he was pardoned for 17 years and was then amnestied. May 9: French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman proposes to pool European coal and steel resources (Schuman declaration). The project will lead to the Treaty of Paris and, subsequently, to the current European Union. May 10 Ita