November 27, 2021

1952 (MCMLII in Roman numerals) is a leap year of the 20th century. List of heads of state and government in 1952


January 22: in Italy, Pope Pius XII appoints Luigi Gedda, former president of Catholic Action, president of the civic committees. Catholic parishes, associations and welfare committees are transformed into a single powerful electoral machine. January 25: the USSR, with 14 other countries, vetoes Italy's entry into UN member countries. 1 February: in Italy the Senate passes the "Scelba law" which prohibits the formation and reorganization of neo-fascist parties and movements (410 votes in favor, 34 against). February 6 - London: Elizabeth II succeeds her father George VI as sovereign of the United Kingdom after the latter's death. 10 February: first telephone booth in Milan in Piazza San Babila. February 18: Greece and Turkey join NATO. February 26: UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces that the country has built its own atomic bomb. 10 March: General Fulgencio Batista takes power in Cuba with a coup d'état. March 24 - Trieste: the British military police intervened decisively to disperse the demonstrators for the Italian character of the city. March 27: an attack against West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer fails. 10 April: RAI begins its television broadcasts, still in the experimental phase. April 18 - social revolution in Bolivia: universal suffrage is extended to indigenous people and women, mines are nationalized and agrarian reform approved. April 23: new US nuclear test in the Nevada desert. April 24: in Italy, Alcide de Gasperi and Giulio Andreotti block Don Luigi Sturzo's attempt to form Roman civic lists with the Italian Social Movement and the monarchists on the occasion of the administrative elections, in an anti-communist function. May 13: in Italy, the Council of Ministers presents a "multipurpose" bill. These are real special laws to discipline the press, trade unions, punish the formation of parties or movements opposed to the institutions, repress violence as a political struggle and defeatism. It is a clear reference to the strikes, the occupations of the factories, the protests organized by the unions of the left (CGIL). May 14: the head of SIFAR, General Umberto Broccoli, undertakes to respect the objectives of a permanent anti-communist offensive plan called "Demagnetize", drawn up by the US secret services. The document states: "The ultimate goal of the plan is to reduce the strength of the communist parties, their material resources, their influence in the Italian and French governments and in particular in the trade unions, so as to minimize the danger that the communism can be transplanted into Italy and France, damaging the interests of the United States in both countries ... The limitation of the power of the communists in Italy and France is a priority objective: it must be achieved by any means ... Italian and French governments must not be aware, it being evident that it can interfere with their respective national sovereignty ... ". May 20 - Italy: the Holy Office decrees that all the works of Alberto Moravia be placed on the Index of prohibited books and sends an invitation to the Italian authorities "to prevent the publication and dissemination of similar writings". May 26: in the administrative elections in Italy, the center parties get 41.9% of the votes, the left 33.4%, the right 23.5%. In Naples the monarchists win. Achille Lauro will be the new mayor of the city. May 27: Italy, France, West Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg join, in Paris, the CED (European Defense Community) treaty which provides for a single army, the Atlantic Force, led by the US and Great Britain. Strong opposition of yes

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