November 28, 2021

1968 (MCMLXVIII in Roman numerals) is a leap year of the 20th century.



The socio-cultural and protest movement, remembered as a whole as Il Sessantotto, has its peak. The Bank of Sweden sets up a fund for an Economic Prize dedicated to Alfred Nobel, a recognition that effectively becomes a sort of additional Nobel Prize. January 4th Corrado Mantoni hosts for the first time the radio program La corrida, broadcast on the second Rai network. Jimi Hendrix, on tour in Scandinavia, damages his hotel room and is arrested in Stockholm. The city of Lamezia Terme was established from the administrative union of the municipalities of Nicastro, Sambiase and Sant'Eufemia Lamezia. January 5: Alexander Dubček rises to power. The Prague Spring begins in Czechoslovakia. January 15 - Sicily: the Belice earthquake causes the death of 370 people. January 22 - Sea of ​​Japan: A US Navy ship, the Pueblo, is captured by units of the North Korean Navy. The ship's 88 sailors will be held by North Korea until December 23. January 30-31 - Vietnam: the Têt Offensive planned by the commander of the North Vietnamese army Võ Nguyên Giáp (Vietnam War) begins. January 31: Nauru declares its independence from Australia.


February 6-18 - Grenoble, France: The 10th Winter Olympic Games take place. February 12 - Vietnam War: massacre of Phong Nhi and Phong Nhàt February 17 - Romania: an administrative reform divides the country into 39 counties. February 24 - Vietnam War: the Têt Offensive is stopped.


1 March - Rome: in front of the faculty of architecture of the University of Rome in Valle Giulia there are violent clashes between students and the police. The incident gave rise to a series of occupations in numerous Italian universities. March 4 - New York: at Madison Square Garden Nino Benvenuti beats Emile Griffith and returns to world middleweight boxing champion. March 7 - Vietnam War: the first battle of Saigon ends. March 16 - Rome: a group of missini led by Giorgio Almirante and Giulio Caradonna bursts into the University's Faculty of Letters. During the incidents the student leader Oreste Scalzone was seriously injured. March 16 - Vietnam War: American soldiers enter the village of My Lai and kill about 450 people, mostly elderly, women and children. My Lai Massacre. March 18 Italy: Law 444 is approved, establishing the public nursery school. Italy: Law 431 on psychiatric assistance is approved, introducing voluntary hospitalization: the mentally ill is seen as a subject to be treated and not just to be locked up. Milan: the workers of Pirelli-Bicocca give life to the first CUB (Unitary Base Committee), which strongly challenges the agreement on the national rubber contract signed on February 3. March 24 - Turin: Cardinal Michele Pellegrino officiates the first mass in Italian. March 26: the first legally authorized assembly of the Italian school is held at the Terenzio Mamiani state high school in Rome. March 26 - Orgosolo: the bandit Graziano Mesina is arrested at a checkpoint. March 27: National mourning in the Soviet Union for the disappearance of Jurij Gagarin in a plane crash. March 30: birth of Reina Kiki.


April 4 - Memphis, USA: Martin Luther King is gunned down by James Earl Ray. April 6: Spain wins the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in London, UK. April 7: Two-time Formula 1 world champion Jim Clark dies in an accident at the Hockenheimring circuit in Germany during a Formula 2 race. April 11 - Berlin: a man seriously wounds student leader Rudi Dutschke, who will never recover completely.

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