November 27, 2021

1970 (MCMLXX in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.


Last documented killing of a Caspian tiger occurred in Ulude, in the Turkish province of Şırnak.


January 1 - Midnight UTC is used to calculate time for Unix computer systems. January 3 Congo-Brazzaville adopts a new Marxist-style constitution and changes its name to the People's Republic of Congo. London: The Beatles gather for the last time in a recording studio to conclude the recording of the album Let it Be. January 4 - China: in Yunnan an earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale causes over fifteen thousand victims. January 15 Nigeria: the secessionist region of Biafra falls. Libya: Mu'ammar Gaddafi is proclaimed prime minister of Libya; it will initiate the nationalization of oil companies and the expropriation of foreign assets. Over twenty thousand Italians present on Libyan soil will return to their homeland. January 22 - United States of America: first commercial flight of the Boeing 747 by Pan Am.


February 1 - Argentina: near Buenos Aires a train accident kills 236 people. February 4 - Soviet Union: construction begins on the modern city of Pryp "jat ', in Ukraine, which will be evacuated only 16 years later following the Chernobyl disaster. February 10 - France: an avalanche landslide on the village of Val-d'Isère, killing 39 people. February 11 - Japan: Ōsumi, the first satellite created by the Japanese nation, is launched into space using the Lambda rocket. February 21 - Turkey: first installation in Istanbul for the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge, which will be completed in 1973. February 23 - Guyana: the birth of the Republic is proclaimed in the South American country, which however remains a member of the Commonwealth.


March - Cambodia: Prime Minister Lon Nol carries out a coup to oust King Norodom Sihanouk. March 5: the nuclear non-proliferation treaty accepted by about 100 nations enters into force. France, India, Israel, China and Brazil do not join. March 6 - Turkey: birth of the third government of Süleyman Demirel March 7 - Switzerland: the French car manufacturer Citroën presents the SM at the Geneva Motor Show. March 12 - USA: the age at which the right to vote is obtained is lowered from 21 to 18 years. March 15 - Japan: Expo '70 opens in Osaka. March 17 - Cambodia: General Lon Nol's coup d'état, while King Norodom Sihanouk is traveling abroad. March 19 - GDR: The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Willy Brandt meets in the city of Erfurt with the President of the Council of the German Democratic Republic Willi Stoph. It is the first stage in the rapprochement of the two Germanys within the framework of the Ostpolitik inaugurated by Brandt. March 21 - Ireland wins the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 25 March - Concorde's first commercial flight March 31 - Explorer 1, the first artificial satellite launched by the United States of America, returns from space after launch in 1958.


April 8 - Japan: a gas leak in Osaka causes an explosion in a subway construction site, killing 79. April 9 - Genoa: the London Valor ship, flying the British flag and loaded with chrome, sank in the harbor of Genoa after the impact against the breakwater due to a strong storm: twenty sailors died in the sinking of the ship. April 10 - London: The Beatles band dissolves. April 11 - France: an avalanche kills 74 people, hospitalized in a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. April 14 - serious breakdown of the Apollo 13 spacecraft, there is a risk of space disaster. April 17 - USA / NASA: Apollo 13 returns with crew rescue. Paul McCartney publishes his prim

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