November 27, 2021

1975 (MCMLXXV in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.


Ordinary Holy Year London: Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood opened the "Sex" shop, dedicated to the sale of punk clothing and accessories. To advertise the store, McLaren created the Sex Pistols group. London: Heavy metal band Iron Maiden is born thanks to bassist Steve Harris. Los Angeles: female rock band The Runaways is born.


1st-2nd January: riots in Cairo over the cost of living. January 3: the Khmer Rouge unleash the most violent offensive in Cambodia since '72. January 6 Last edition of the television program Canzonissima: Wess and Dori Ghezzi win with the song "A body and a soul". Garmisch: three Italians in the first three places of the special slalom of the Alpine Ski World Cup: Piero Gros, Gustav Thöni and Fausto Radici. January 11: The Soyuz 17 spacecraft with two astronauts on board is launched from the Soviet Union. January 13 - Florence: in relation to the opening of the Cisa abortion clinic, the secretary of the Radical Party Gianfranco Spadaccia is arrested. Adele Faccio is reached by an arrest warrant, while Marco Pannella receives a judicial communication. They will be released on February 10th. January 24 Empoli, following a search of the headquarters of the National Revolutionary Front, an armed group of the extreme right, the terrorist Mario Tuti kills the two carabinieri Leonardo Falco and Giovanni Ceravolo and injures a third while they try to arrest him, then fled. The subversive association is dissolved and Tuti captured in France: he will be extradited and sentenced to life imprisonment. Keith Jarrett performs live in Cologne, The Köln Concert will be taken from the recording of the concert. January 25 - Italy: the president of Confindustria Giovanni Agnelli and the confederate unions sign an agreement on the single point of contingency: a particular mechanism of the sliding scale that adjusts wages to inflation January 26: Soka Gakkai International is founded. January 27 - Catanzaro: the third trial for the Piazza Fontana massacre begins: both anarchists and neo-fascists are accused. After a year the trial stops due to the involvement of Guido Giannettini of the SID among the accused. January 29, the law of January 29, 1975 n.5, derived from the decree law December 14, 1974, n.657, which establishes the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, enters into force


February 1st: the Italian team "blu team" wins the bridge world championships. February 11 - Great Britain: Margaret Thatcher is the new leader of the British Conservative party. February 18 A commando of the Red Brigades led by Mara Cagol makes Renato Curcio escape from the Casale Monferrato prison. Italy: the Constitutional Court recognizes the legitimacy of the rules that punish abortion, but admits its legitimacy for therapeutic purposes. February 26: the cyclist Eddy Merckx wins the Giro di Sardegna for the fourth time. February 27 Genoa: the XXXI congress of the PRI opens. Rome: the first hearing of the trial against far-left militants for the Primavalle stake is celebrated. During a procession of solidarity with the defendants, clashes occur between left-wing militants and missini: Mikis Mantakas, a young right-wing man of Greek origins, dies.


March - Cambodia: President Lon Nol is ousted from the Khmer Rouge. March 4 - Great Britain: Charlie Chaplin is made a baronet by Queen Elizabeth. March 8 - Italy: Law 39/75 approved which lowers the age of majority from twenty-one to eighteen. March 13: in Milan the high school student Sergio Ramelli, a militant of the Youth Front, is attacked outside his house with a wrench by militants of the Avanguardia Operaia. He died on April 24 from his injuries. March 18 - Rome: the XIV congress of the PCI opens: the line of the historical compromise of Enrico Berlinguer is winning. AND

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