October 20, 2021

1977 (MCMLXXVII in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.


In South Africa, for the first time in the century, the "white" Catholic, Anglican and Methodist schools admit non-Europeans on a selective and limited basis and with the tacit consent of the government, in order to "defuse" the post-Soweto situation.


1 January - Italy: Carosello broadcasts officially end and Rai switches to the current type of commercials. January 6 - Czechoslovakia: two hundred intellectuals sign Charter 77 to demand respect for civil rights in the country. January 17: Gary Gilmore, convicted of murder, is executed by firing squad in Utah, ending a ten-year moratorium on the death penalty in the United States. January 18 - Catanzaro: the trial for the Piazza Fontana massacre begins. January 19 - Miami, Florida: For the first and so far only time in the history of the city, a snowfall occurs. January 20: Jimmy Carter is officially the new president of the United States. January 21: Jimmy Carter grants amnesty to some 100,000 American citizens who fled to Canada from 1964 to 1973 to avoid being drafted into the army and sent to Vietnam. About 50,000 people return to the United States. January 31: The Pompidou Center is inaugurated in Paris, in honor of the former President of the French Republic, Georges Pompidou.


1 February - Italy: Rai's color television broadcasts officially begin after a few years of experimentation, with a delay of about ten years compared to other European countries such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom. During the year, the broadcasts of the local private televisions Tivuesse Telesecolo, Antenna 3 Lombardia, Teleradio Milano 2 will be launched. February 6 Dalmine (Bergamo): at the exit of the A4 motorway, in a fire fight, the two traffic police officers, Luigi D'Andrea and Renato Barborini, are killed. The shooting, which will also cause the death of one of the bandits, is the work of the so-called Banda della Comasina. Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom February 11th Rome: the Constitutional Court accepts the appeal of Judge Luciano Violante against the state secret placed by the Moro government on Edgardo Sogno's Golpe bianco. Ethiopia: after a coup Hailè Mariam Menghistu becomes president of the country. February 15 - Rome: the bandit Renato Vallanzasca, author of robberies, kidnappings and murders, was arrested. 17 February - Rome: the secretary of the CGIL Luciano Lama is violently challenged at the La Sapienza University by groups of autonomous and metropolitan Indians and is forced to interrupt the meeting and abandon the demonstration. The '77 movement was born.


2 March - Libya: Colonel Gaddafi announces the birth of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. March 3 - Italy: a C-130 Hercules crashes on Monte Serra causing 44 victims of which 38 were cadet students of the Naval Academy of Livorno. March 4 - Romania: an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale kills over 1,500 people, the majority in Bucharest, in the collapse of 33 buildings. March 5 - Italy: with a decree law the holidays of the Epiphany, St. Joseph (March 19), the Ascension, Corpus Domini, Saints Peter and Paul (June 29), as well as the National Day of June 2 are abrogated the feast of November 4th. It is the result of the austerity policy of the Italian government adopted in the autumn of 1976. The celebrations of the Epiphany and the National Day of the Republic were postponed to the following Sunday. The Epiphany will return with the traditional cadence in 1986 and the Republic Day in 2001. March 7 - Italy: the Radical Party asks for the indictment of the President of the Republic Giovann

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