August 19, 2022

1978 (MCMLXXVIII in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.



January 1 - Bombay: Air India Flight 855, a Boeing 747 bound for Dubai carrying 213 people (190 passengers and 23 crew members) crashes into the sea off Bombay shortly after take-off. There are no survivors. January 5 - Chile: Augusto Pinochet, on the strength of a not very transparent plebiscite in his favor, announces that Chile will return to the polls only in 1986 and that UN committees of inquiry will not be admitted in the country. January 7 - Rome: Acca Larentia massacre, two Missini militants, Franco Bigonzetti and Francesco Ciavatta, are killed during the assault on a section of the party in via Acca Laurentia (Appio district). Shortly afterwards the carabinieri killed Stefano Recchioni, another member of the Missino region, in the crowd following the double murder. The three were aged between 18 and 22. January 23 - Sweden becomes the first nation to ban spray cans, whose chlorofluorocarbon content is the main culprit in damage to the Earth's protective ozone layer. January 25 - Spain: the former Franco mayor of Barcelona and his wife are murdered. They were killed by a pressure bomb applied to the man's chest with duct tape. Attempting to remove the charge causes it to explode.


February 10 - Van Halen, the first album by the American rock group Van Halen of the same name, is released. February 11 - China prohibits the reading of the works of Aristotle, Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. 12 February - Belfast: 12 victims following an IRA attack. February 21 - Mexico City: Power line workers at work come across what will turn out to be the ruins of the Templo Mayor. February 27 - France carries out nuclear tests in Mururoa.


March 1 - Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland: Charlie Chaplin's remains are stolen from the cemetery where he is buried, for extortion purposes. March 6 - Lawrenceville, Georgia: Porn publisher Larry Flynt suffers a gun attack, as a result of which he will be paralyzed. March 14 - Lebanon: Israeli armed forces invade Lebanon, kicking off Operation Litani. March 16 - Rome: in via Fani a commando of the Red Brigades kidnaps Aldo Moro, president of the Christian Democrats and kills the five men in his escort. March 18 - Milan: in via Mancinelli, right-wing extremists Fausto Tinelli and Lorenzo Iannucci are killed. March 21 - Italy: the Italian government approves the first of the special laws (law decree no.59) which provides, among other things, life imprisonment for kidnappers in the event of the death of the hostage, the extension of the police arrest and wiretapping, the possibility of being questioned without the presence of a lawyer. March 26 - Catholic Easter


April 2 - United States: CBS airs the first episode of Dallas. April 15 - Italy: in Murazze di Vado, a hamlet of Monzuno (Bologna), a serious train accident causes 42 deaths and 120 injuries. The accident is caused by the derailment of a train, which was hit by a second train arriving shortly after. April 22 - Israel wins the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Paris, France.


May 1 - California: DEC sends first spam email (unsolicited commercial message). May 8 - Nepal: mountaineers Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler are the first to reach the summit of Everest without the aid of oxygen cylinders. May 9 Rome: Aldo Moro's lifeless body is found in the trunk of a red Renault 4 in via Caetani, a side street of Via delle Botteghe Oscure. Cinisi: Peppino Impastato is murdered by the mafia. According to the first official version, he died while placing a bomb. Later it will be recognized that the