August 19, 2022

1980 (MCMLXXX in Roman numerals) is a leap year of the 20th century.


Umberto Eco publishes The Name of the Rose, a historical novel that will become a world best seller and the subject of a film with Sean Connery.


January 6 - Palermo: the Christian Democrat President of the Sicilian Region Piersanti Mattarella killed by the mafia. He was trying to set up a junta with the participation of the PCI. January 20 - Washington: US President Jimmy Carter announces a boycott of the Moscow Olympics. January 22 - USSR: Andrei Sakharov is exiled to Gorky.


February 9 - Sanremo: Toto Cutugno wins the XXX Festival of Italian song. 10 February - Milan: Carlo Maria Martini becomes archbishop of Milan, replacing Giovanni Colombo. February 12 - Rome: Vittorio Bachelet, vice president of the CSM and university professor, is assassinated by the Red Brigades inside the University of Rome. 13 February - Lake Placid, USA: the 13th Winter Olympic Games open February 19 - Turin: the Carabinieri arrest the Red Brigades Rocco Micaletto and Patrizio Peci who will become the first repentant Brigadier.


March 4 - Nationalist leader Robert Mugabe wins a sweeping election victory and becomes Zimbabwe's first black Prime Minister. March 6 - France: Marguerite Yourcenar becomes the first woman to be admitted to the French Academy despite the negative opinion of traditionalists March 19 - Milan: Judge Guido Galli is assassinated by terrorists from the Prima Linea group inside the State University. March 23 - Italy: the betting scandal explodes in the world of football. Numerous Serie A and B footballers accused of fraud for fixing matches by accepting money. Involved managers and players of teams including Lazio, Milan, Naples, Perugia, Bologna and Avellino. 24 March - Archbishop of San Salvador, Monsignor Óscar Romero, assassinated March 28 - Israel: discovery of the Tomb of Talpiot March 28 - Italy: raid of the Carabinieri of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa raid the Red Brigades hideout in Via Fracchia, in Genoa, on the recommendation of Patrizio Peci, the first repentant of the Red Brigades, killing Lorenzo Betassa, Piero Panciarelli and Riccardo Dura.


April 6 - Catholic Easter April 15 - Mariel's exodus begins: Cuban president Fidel Castro allows all Cubans who want him to leave the island from the port of Mariel; the number of exiles will reach 125,000 in the following months. April 18 - Zimbabwe, a British colony with the name of Rhodesia, becomes independent. April 19 - Ireland wins the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in The Hague, The Netherlands. April 25 - Iran: the blitz wanted by Jimmy Carter to free the American hostages in Tehran fails with a plane crash in the Tabas desert. April 27 - Inter mathematically becomes Italian champion for the twelfth time.


May 4 - Ljubljana: Marshal Josip Broz Tito dies. His disappearance marks the beginning of the disintegration of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. May 10 - the commercialization of the Pac-Man video game begins in Japan. 11 May - The Internazionale wins the Serie A football championship. May 18 - Mount St. Helena, Washington State erupts killing 57 people and causing $ 3 billion in damage. May 28 - Milan: a terrorist commando kills the Corriere della Sera journalist Walter Tobagi. The assassination is claimed by the March 28 Brigade founded by the Brigadier Marco Barbone. 28 May - Nottingham Forest win their second European Cup by beating Hamburg 1-0 in the final.


June 1 - Atlanta: Ted Turner founds CNN. June 13 - New York: Michele Sindona is arrested for Fran's bankruptcy