November 28, 2021

1985 (MCMLXXXV in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.



Strong wave of frost that hits Italy. Historical snowfall in Cagliari; in Molinella in the Bologna area it reaches -24.8 ° C on 12 January, and in Florence -23.2 ° C. The wave ends with the famous snowfall of the century in the Po Valley, in Milan an unprecedented snowfall deposits a snow cover up to about 55 cm. It also snows abundantly in Genoa, Rome and Naples 7 January: Jacques Delors becomes president of the executive commission of the EEC. January 13 - Italy: the snowfall of 1985, known in Northern Italy as the "snow of the century", hits much of central-northern Italy until January 17, causing great inconvenience. January 17 - Great Britain: British Telecom announces the withdrawal of the famous British red telephone booths. January 24 - Italy: Walter Reder, Nazi criminal responsible for the Marzabotto massacre (1944), obtains a pardon from the Italian government and returns to Austria. January 28: Michael Jackson and the USA for Africa foundation record the single We Are the World.


Poland: the murderers of Father Popieluszko are sentenced to 25 years in prison. 1 February - Greenland: the island leaves the European Community. February 3: Desmond Tutu becomes Johannesburg's first black Anglican bishop. February 4 - Rome: the Berlusconi Decree, also known as "Berlusconi bis", presented by the government chaired by Bettino Craxi, is approved by Parliament with the request for a vote of confidence. 7 February - Castellaneta (TA): at dawn a six-storey building collapses in Viale Verdi; 34 dead and 8 wounded. February 16 - Italy: Vincenzo Muccioli, founder of the Community of San Patrignano, is sentenced in the first instance to one year and six months for kidnapping and ill-treatment. The subsequent degrees of judgment will acquit him, definitively in 1990. February 23 - Palermo: the vice president of Sicilian industrialists, Roberto Parisi, is killed by the mafia. The driver Giuseppe Mangano dies with him.


March 3 - Chile: an earthquake of the eighth degree of the Richter Scale hits the cities of Santiago and Valparaíso, causing 177 victims. March 7 - Los Angeles, USA: We Are the World song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie is released. March 8 - Beirut: A car bomb is used to attempt the life of Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah, who survives the blast. Eighty people are killed. March 11th Moscow: after the death of Konstantin Černenko, Michail Gorbachev is appointed secretary of the CPSU. London: Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed buys Harrods department store. March 15 - Brazil: José Sarney becomes the 35th President of Brazil. March 17 - Japan: the 1985 International Exhibition is inaugurated in Tsukuba. 23 March - Cameroon: the international organization of OCAMM ("Organization Commune Africaine Malgache et Mauricienne") is dissolved. March 27 - Rome: the Red Brigades kill the economist Ezio Tarantelli at the University of Rome where he taught. March 31 - New York: the first edition of WrestleMania is held at Madison Square Garden.


April 6 - Sudan: Deposition of President Ja'far al-Nimeyri in a military coup led by Defense Minister Suwwar al-Dhahab. April 7: Catholic Easter April 11: State media of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania announce the death of the secretary of the Party of Labor of Albania Enver Hoxha.


2 May - Corsica: Attilio Bettega died during the Tour de Corse rally, went off the road with his Lancia 037 after losing control of the car and crashing into a tree. 4 May: Norway wins the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden. May 11 - Bradford: a fire breaks out in sector G of the stadium

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