January 24, 2022

1991 (MCMXCI in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.


First call with a GSM mobile from the Finnish Radiolinja network. The first commercial network will start in July. Argentina: Carlos Menem establishes a 1 to 1 parity between peso and dollar. Linus Torvalds begins Linux kernel development.


January 4 - Bologna: a patrol of carabinieri, after passing a suspicious Fiat Uno with the intention of taking its license plate number, is hit by a hail of bullets. The firefight will lead to the death of all three soldiers in the car. It is the so-called massacre of the Pillar (from the neighborhood where it took place), by the Banda della Uno bianco. January 9 - Lithuania: the Soviets occupy Vilnius to stop Lithuanian independence: it is the beginning of the so-called January events. January 11 - USA: Congress authorizes George H. W. Bush to attack Iraq in the Gulf War. January 15 - The UN ultimatum against Saddam Hussein expires in order to leave the territory of Kuwait. The Gulf War begins. January 17 Kuwait / Iraq: start of the allied attack on Iraq Gulf War: Iraq fires 8 Scud missiles at Israel in an attempt to provoke its reaction. Harald V becomes king of Norway on the death of his father, Olav V. January 18 Iraq fires 37 Scud missiles at Israel, killing one person. Iraq: the plane carrying captain Maurizio Cocciolone and major Gianmarco Bellini is shot down during a war operation and the two soldiers are taken prisoner by the Iraqis. January 26 - Somalia: rebel troops occupy the capital Mogadishu and cause the flight of Siad Barre, who ruled the country for 21 years.


February 1 - South Africa: the government abolishes the last racial laws still in force: thus Apartheid ends. February 3 - Rimini: at the end of the PCI Congress, Achille Occhetto officially announces the transformation of the Italian Communist Party into the Democratic Party of the Left (PDS). February 18 - London: Two IRA bombs devastate Victoria and Paddington train stations. February 24 - Kuwait / Iraq: as part of the Gulf War, the land offensive for the liberation of Kuwait begins. February 28 - Iraq: end of the Gulf War


March 2 - Sanremo: at the 41st edition of the Italian Song Festival Riccardo Cocciante wins with If we are together. 7 March: first major landing of refugees (Albanians) in Italy. 27,000 people arrived in the port of Brindisi. March 17: Diego Armando Maradona is found positive for cocaine following a doping control. March 25 - Los Angeles: Sophia Loren receives her Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. Winner of the evening is the western Dances with Wolves, directed, produced and starring Kevin Costner, winner of 7 Oscars. March 31: Catholic Easter


April 9 - Soviet Union: Georgia declares its effective independence. April 10 - Italy: at 22:00 in the evening, off the port of Livorno, the Moby Prince ferry, bound for Olbia, collided with the oil tanker Agip Abruzzo and ignited, causing the death of 140 people. It is the most serious tragedy in the history of the Italian merchant navy. April 11 - Genoa: explosion on board the Haven oil tanker: 5 dead, 30 injured, 144,000 tons of crude oil at sea. April 21 - Eritrea: The Eritrean People's Liberation Front (FLPE), led by Isaias Afewerki, takes control of the country.


May 1st Pope John Paul II publishes the encyclical Centesimus annus for the hundredth anniversary of Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum. May 3: CBS airs the final episode of Dallas after fourteen seasons. May 4: Sweden wins the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Rome, Italy. May 10 - Germany: German Chancellor Helmut Kohl is greeted by a launch

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