November 28, 2021

1993 (MCMXCIII in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.


February 22: Radiohead release their debut album: Pablo Honey.



1 January: Czechoslovakia, a unitary nation established on 28 October 1918, ceases to exist and two new subjects of international law are born: the Czech Republic, with its capital city of Prague, and Slovakia, with its capital city of Bratislava. January 2: The leaders of the three warring factions in Bosnia meet to discuss peace plans. January 3: George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin sign the START II agreement for nuclear disarmament. The treaty provides for the destruction of three quarters of nuclear weapons held by Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. January 5 - Shetland Islands: During a storm, a Liberian-flagged oil tanker runs aground on the cliffs of Quendale Bay, spilling 80,000 tons of crude oil into the sea. January 15 - Palermo: Totò Riina, head of Cosa Nostra, is arrested by the carabinieri of the Special Operational Group. He had been a fugitive for 24 years. January 16 - Florence: Pietro Pacciani is arrested on charges of being the monster of Florence. January 20 - Washington: The 42nd President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, takes office in the White House. January 27 - Prague: Václav Havel, president of Czechoslovakia, is elected first head of state of the newly formed Czech Republic.


February 8 - Tehran: plane crash due to the collision between a Tupolev with 132 people on board and a fighter taking off. No survivors. 10 February: guarantee information to Claudio Martelli for fraudulent bankruptcy in the Banco Ambrosiano crack. February 21 - Rio de Janeiro: the former militant of Potere Operaio Achille Lollo was captured, sentenced for the Primavalle fire in which the two brothers Stefano and Virginio Mattei had lost their lives. February 26 - Manhattan: a car bomb explodes in the basement of the World Trade Center (the Twin Towers); Islamic fundamentalists are suspected of the attack, which causes 6 deaths and 1,042 injuries. February 27 - Sanremo: at the 43rd edition of the Italian Song Festival, Enrico Ruggeri wins with Mistero. February 28: On a farm in Waco, Texas, a hundred Davidians, followers of David Koresh who claims to be Jesus, oppose the FBI's request for a search. 4 agents die and a siege begins that will end on April 19 with a violent fire, in which 82 Davidians will lose their lives.


March 5: Macedonian airline Palair Flight 305, an F-100 flying to Zurich, crashes shortly after leaving Skopje, killing 83 of the 97 people on board. March 12 - Bombay: fifteen bombs explode in the space of three hours, during the religious clash between Muslims and Hindus: more than 200 are dead and over 1,000 injured. March 17: the PKK announces a unilateral ceasefire in Iraq. March 24: Knesset elects Ezer Weizman as Israel's seventh president. March 25: Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 is discovered by astronomers Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker and David H. Levy. The following year the comet will crash on the planet Jupiter. March 27 Jiang Zemin becomes President of the People's Republic of China. Mahamane Ousmane is elected president of Niger. March 28 - French legislative elections: the Regrouping for the Republic (Gaullist-inspired party) wins by majority and Édouard Balladur is elected French prime minister. March 29 - Los Angeles: Federico Fellini receives the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement. The winner of the evening is the western The Ruthless, directed, produced and starring Clint Eastwood, which wins 4 awards.


April 3 - Vancouver, Canada: United States President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin meet for the first time: the latter obtains a cash contribution for Russia's economic development

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