January 24, 2022

1994 (MCMXCIV in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.



January 1st America, Canada and Mexico: the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) enters into force Chiapas, Mexico: The Zapatista Army of National Liberation rises up during the night, besieging some towns in Chiapas. In many places, they manage to do this without firing a shot, in others they are forced to fight. Their only purpose is to publicly read the first declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, in which they denounce their dramatic situation. The siege lasts only one day. January 14: US President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin sign the Kremlin Agreements with which they undertake to stop the pre-programmed targeting of nuclear missiles at each country's targets and arrange for the disposal of the nuclear arsenal in Ukraine. January 17 - Los Angeles: A violent earthquake kills 72, injures 1,800 and leaves 26,029 homeless. January 28: during the war in Bosnia, RAI collaborators Marco Luchetta, Alessandro Saša Ota and Dario D'Angelo are killed in Mostar.


February 3 - Libyan-Chadian war: the International Court of Justice assigns the Aouzou strip to Chad. February 6 - Markale massacres: the Bosnian Serb army kills 68 civilians and injures 144 people by throwing a grenade in the Sarajevo market. February 12 Oslo: the famous painting The Scream by Edvard Munch stolen from the National Gallery. It was found three months later (in 2004 another of the four existing versions was stolen from the Munch museum, three of which in the latter museum). Lillehammer, Norway: the 17th Winter Olympic Games begin. February 25 - Cave of the Patriarchs, West Bank: Kahanist Baruch Goldstein kills 29 Muslims in a moment of prayer, before being lynched to death by the survivors.


March 1st Shooting on the Brooklyn Bridge: Rashid Baz, a Lebanese immigrant, shoots a van with 15 Jewish passengers on board. South Africa cedes Walvis Bay to Namibia. March 6 - Moldova: the "against" win in the referendum to reunify with Romania. March 7: SN 1994D observed March 10 - Germany: Paragraph 175 (known as §175 StGB) of the Penal Code is repealed, which from May 15, 1871 penalized homosexual sexual relations between males. March 13 - Ceprano: fossil remains of a skull referable to an archaic species of the genus Homo, also called Man of Ceprano, have been discovered. March 14: Apple launches the first Macintosh using the new PowerPC microprocessor. March 15: US troops withdraw from Somalia. March 17 - Planica, Slovenia: Toni Nieminen is the first to exceed 200 meters in the history of ski jumping. March 18 - Washington: Washington accords stop hostilities between Croats and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina and mark the end of the Croatian siege of Mostar. March 19 - Casal di Principe: Don Giuseppe Diana, known for his commitment in the fight against the Camorra, was murdered in the church. March 20 - Mogadishu, Somalia: TG3 journalist Ilaria Alpi and cameraman Miran Hrovatin are killed in an ambush. March 21 - 1994 Academy Awards: Schindler's List, a film about the Holocaust, by Steven Spielberg, wins 7 statuettes including Best Picture and Best Director. March 23: An Airbus A310 of the Russian company Aeroflot operating on Flight 593 between Moscow and Hong Kong crashes in Siberia after the captain's son takes over. No survivors between 63 passengers and 12 crew members. March 27 - March 28 - Italian political elections: the center-right alignment led by Silvio Berlusconi wins the elections by defeating the center-left of the Progressives and the center-left coalition of the Pact for Italy.


April 3: Catholic Easter April 5 - Seattle: the leader

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