January 24, 2022

2012 (MMXII in Roman numerals) is a leap year of the 21st century.



1 January: Denmark takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union. January 6: the desertion of the first general of the Syrian army takes place. The senior military man sends a video message inviting soldiers to go over to the side of the demonstrators. January 13 Standard & Poor's downgrades the rating of France to AA- and Italy to BBB +, as well as that of Spain, Portugal and Austria. The Costa Concordia ship of the Costa Cruises group is shipwrecked 500 meters off the island of Giglio. The accident resulted in 32 deaths. On board were 4 229 people including 1 013 crew members. January 20: A series of bombings in Kano, Nigeria, kills 185. January 22: the popular referendum on the country's accession to the European Union is held in Croatia. With a turnout of 33.8% of those entitled, the Yes won over the No with 67.7%. January 23: The year of the dragon begins in the Asian lunar calendars. January 31: 433 Eros transits 0.179 AU (26.7 million kilometers) from the Earth, approximately 70 times the distance of the Moon from our planet, reaching a visual magnitude of +8.5. Summer Cup 2012


4 February: heavy snows hit all of Europe causing a lot of inconvenience and many victims. February 6: Diamond Jubilee Day of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who took the throne on February 6, 1952. February 15: A fire in the Comayagua prison in Honduras kills 359 people. Some Indian fishermen are killed in a fire fight between Italian Navy riflemen and pirates off the coast of the state of Kerala, India. Enrica Lexie's court case begins. The military will be returned to the Italian authorities only in 2014. February 17: Christian Wulff resigns as President of the Federal Republic of Germany. February 18: Pope Benedict XVI creates 22 new cardinals during his fourth consistory. February 24: lunar eclipse February 25: Due to strong protests, Yemeni President 'Ali' Abd Allah Saleh is replaced by Vice President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi.


In the middle two weeks of the month, southern Canada and the eastern central United States are hit by an exceptional heat wave that causes several thousand locations to break heat records. 1st March From 1 March, convertibility from the Finnish markka to the Euro is no longer possible. Serbia obtains candidate country status to become a member of the European Union. With this resolution in favor of Belgrade, only Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are the last states of the Western Balkans to remain out of candidate country status. March 4: Vladimir Putin is re-elected in Russia. March 13: 244 years after its first publication, the Encyclopaedia Britannica will be available online only. March 19: an Islamic fundamentalist kills 3 children and a teacher in a Jewish school in Toulouse. He will be killed in his own home by the police on 23 March.


April 2: Pál Schmitt resigns as President of Hungary. April 6: the Tuareg declare the secession of Azawad from Mali. April 13: Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3, a North Korean observation satellite, explodes in flight immediately after launch, the international community condemns North Korea. April 16: presidential election in East Timor April 22: first round of the presidential elections in France April 23: Yerevan is the Book Capital of the World for one year.


May 2: A pastel version of Edvard Munch's The Scream is auctioned in New York for $ 120 million, setting a new world record for a work of art sold at auction. 6 May: second round of the presidential elections in France in 2012: François Hollande (Socialist Party) beats with 51.62% of the votes Ni

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