August 6


August 19, 2022

August 6 is the 218th day of the Gregorian calendar (219th in leap years). 147 days to go until the end of the year.


439 - Licinia Eudossia, daughter of the Eastern Roman emperor Theodosius II and wife of the Western Roman emperor Valentinian III, is elevated to the rank of augusta 686 - Victory of Ibrahim ibn al-Ashtar on the Khāzir River (Iraq) and death of the Wālī of Kufa, ʿUbayd Allāh ibn Ziyād 1003 - Pisan admiral Carlo Orlandi defeats a Muslim fleet in the waters of Civitavecchia 1005 - During an expedition against the Muslims, the Pisan admiral Pandolfo Capronesi conquers the cities of Reggio Calabria, Amantea, Tropea and Nicotera 1063 - The Pisan war fleet forces the port of Palermo and plunders the city 1087 - After conquering Pantelleria, the Pisan fleet lands in Africa and conquers the cities of Zawila and Mahdia 1119 - The Pisan fleet defeats the Genoese one in the waters of Porto Venere 1135 - The Pisans conquer Amalfi 1282 - Genoese defeat by the Pisans in the waters of Porto Venere 1284 - Ruinous Pisan defeat by the Genoese in the battle of Meloria 1538 - Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada founds the city of Bogotà 1657 - During the war against the Spanish Empire of Philip IV of Habsburg, the French of Louis XIV, after a long siege, conquer Montmédy in the Spanish Netherlands 1791 - The Brandenburg Gate is opened to traffic in Berlin 1806 - Francis II, the last Holy Roman Emperor, is forced by Napoleon I to abdicate, remaining only Emperor of Austria: it is the end of the Holy Roman Empire 1824 - Battle of Junín, Peru. Simón Bolívar's forces win over José de Canterac's Spaniards 1825 - Bolivia gains independence from Spain 1861 - British annexation of Lagos, Nigeria 1862 - American Civil War: Confederate battleship CSS Arkansas capsizes on the Mississippi River after being damaged in battle by the USS Essex near Baton Rouge (Louisiana) 1863 - In the Pietrarsa factory: the workers induce a strike to protest against the continuous layoffs, salary reduction and increase in working hours wanted by the director Jacopo Bozza. The strike is brutally repressed: at least 7 dead and 20 seriously injured are estimated. 1875 - Ecuadorian statesman Gabriel García Moreno dies in Quito 1890 - The first execution with the electric chair is carried out in the Auburn Prison in New York (the convict was the murderer William Kemmler) 1915 - World War I: Battle of Sari Bair begins: the Allies carry out a diversionary attack coinciding with a large Allied landing in Suvla Bay 1916 - World War I: the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo begins, also known as the Battle of Gorizia. In the clashes the mutilated volunteer Enrico Toti will find his heroic death. 1926 In New York, the Vitaphone system of the Warner Brothers makes its debut in the film Don Giovanni and Lucrezia Borgia, with John Barrymore Gertrude Ederle becomes the first woman to swim the English Channel 1945 - World War II, atomic bombing of Hiroshima: An atomic bomb, code-named Little Boy, is dropped from the US B-29 Enola Gay over the city of Hiroshima in Japan at 8:16 am (local time). It exploded at an altitude of 576 meters with an output equal to 12,500 tons of TNT, instantly killing 80,000 people (another 60,000 will die by the end of the year from diseases caused by nuclear fallout) and destroying around the world. 80% of the built area of ​​the city 1960 - Cuban Revolution: In response to the US embargo, Cuba nationalizes all foreign properties of the nation 1962 - Jamaica becomes independent from the United Kingdom 1964 - Vatican: Pope Paul VI publishes the encyclical "Ecclesiam Suam", which establishes how the Catholic Church should today