February 6


July 5, 2022

February 6 is the 37th day of the Gregorian calendar. There are 328 days to go until the end of the year (329 in leap years).


337 - Election of Pope Julius I 1658 - As part of the Second Northern War (1655-1660), the king of the Swedish Empire Charles X reaches the Danish island of Lolland after having crossed the frozen sea strait of the Great Belt in the night with his army 1675 - Nicolò Sagredo is elected 105th Doge of the Republic of Venice 1778 - American War of Independence: the Alliance Treaty and the Treaty of Friendship and Trade between France and the United States are signed in Paris, signaling the official recognition of the newly formed US republic 1788 - Massachusetts becomes the sixth state to ratify the United States Constitution 1806 - Action of February 6, 1806: victory of the British Royal Navy off Santo Domingo 1819 - Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founds Singapore 1822 - The Austrian Emperor Francesco I commutes the death penalty for Piero Maroncelli and Silvio Pellico to that of hard prison 1840 - Signature of the Waitangi Treaty, founding document of New Zealand 1853 - An anti-Austrian insurrection breaks out in Milan, which is put down the next day 1862 - American Civil War: Ulysses S. Grant gives the Union the first victory of the war, capturing Fort Henry (Tennessee) 1899 - Spanish-American War: a peace treaty between the USA and Spain is ratified by the United States Senate 1900 - The International Arbitration Court of The Hague is created, when the Eerste Kamer of the Netherlands ratifies a decree of the peace conference of 1899 1922 - Cardinal Achille Ratti is elected Pope with the name of Pius XI 1933 - The 20th Amendment of the United States Constitution enters into force 1936 - The 4th Winter Olympic Games begin in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 1952 - Elizabeth II becomes her queen upon the death of her father George VI of the United Kingdom 1958 - Eight Manchester United footballers are killed in the Munich air disaster 1959 - The first successful launch of a Titan ICBM is carried out in Cape Canaveral, Florida 1968 - The 10th Winter Olympic Games begin in Grenoble, France 1971 - An earthquake semi-destroys Tuscania, seriously damaging the Romanesque monuments and causing 31 deaths 1977 - Day of the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 1989 - The Round Table Agreements begin in Poland 1996 - Birgenair Flight 301 crashes off the coast of the Dominican Republic killing all 189 passengers 2001 - Likud leader Ariel Sharon is elected prime minister of Israel 2002 - Day of the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 2004 - In Russia, a suicide attack on the Moscow Metro kills 40 commuters and injures 129 others. A Chechen separatist group is responsible for the attack. 2012 - Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Day of the United Kingdom 2017 - Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Jubilee Day of the United Kingdom 2018 - First launch of the Falcon Heavy 2020 - Livraga train accident: a Frecciarossa 1000 train crashes causing 2 deaths and 31 injuries 2022 - Platinum Jubilee Day of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom


There are about 1 040 rumors of people born on February 6; see the February 6 Born page for a descriptive list or the February 6 Born category for an alphabetical index.


There are around 510 rumors of people who died on February 6; see the February 6 Deaths page for a descriptive list or the February 6 Deaths category for an alphabetical index.

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