808 State


August 19, 2022

808 State is a British electronic music group created in 1988 in Manchester.


The band, born in 1988 in Manchester from the union of Martin Price, Graham Massey and Gerald Simpson; influenced by hip-hop and electronic music, the band became in a few years one of the main groups of the British underground scene. Their first Newbuild album released in 1988 is to this day a collector's album. Later Quadrastate and Ninety, which includes one of the classics of techno music, Pacific 808. In 1991 the 808 State released their most successful, ex: el, in third place in the British charts; they collaborated on this album with Björk. Departures and new arrivals have marked the history of the group: the departure of Martin Price and Gerald Simpson, the arrival of Andrew Barker and Darren Partington. From '91 to '98 two other albums underline the eclecticism of the group, Gorgeous and Don Solaris, where their incessant search for new sounds and new melodies is manifested. In 1998 a collection entitled 808: 88: 98 - 10 Years Of 808 State was released. After a wait of six years the album Outpost Transmission is released, followed by Prebuild, released in 2004. Also in 2004, they will participate with their most famous song Pacific 808, in the soundtrack of the video game published by Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in a radio station (SF-UR) where classic songs of the underground disco of the years will be played. 80 and 90.

Origin of name

The name 808 State originates from the Roland TR-808 drum machine model, plus State from their "state of mind".


1988 - Newbuild 1989 - Quadrastate 1989 - Ninety 1990 - Utd. State 90 1991 - Ex: el 1992 - Gorgeous 1996 - Don Solaris 1998 - 808: 88: 98 2003 - Outpost Transmission 2004 - Prebuild



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