Abd Arrahma


July 5, 2022

Abd ar-Rahman (Arabic: عبد الرحمٰن) is a masculine Arabic personal name.


Transliteration variants: 'Abd al-Rahman, Abd ar-Rahim, Abdur Rahman, Abdur Rahim, Abd al-Rahman, Abdul Rahman, Abd al-Rahim Forms in Maghrebi Arabic: Abderrahim, Abderrahmane Variants in other languages ​​ Bengali: আব্দুর রহমান (Abdur Rahman) Chechen: Абдурахман (Abduraxman) Kurdish: عەبدولڕەحمان ('Ebdulrehman) Malay: Abdul Rahman Somali: Cabdiraxmaan, Abdirahman

Origin and diffusion

It is composed of the Arabic terms عبد ('abd, "servant") and رحمن (rahman, "gracious", "merciful"), and therefore means "servant of the merciful" (where "merciful" naturally means Allah). The name was borne by various historical figures, including ʿAbd al-Rahmān ibn ʿAwf, one of the Prophet Muhammad's Ṣaḥāba, and Abd al-Rahman ibn Mu'awiya, founder of a dynasty that ruled over Spain for three centuries.


Abd ar-Rahman bin Muhammad al-Butiri, Arab poet

Variant Abd al-Rahman

'Abd al-Rahman al-Awza'i, Arab jurist Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi, Syrian theologian Abd al-Rahman al-Kaylani, Iraqi politician Abd al-Rahman Arif, Iraqi general and politician Abd al-Rahman bin Faysal Al Sa'ud, Saudi ruler Abd al-Rahman ibn Abd Allah al-Ghafiqi, Arab general Abd al-Rahman ibn Mu'awiya, Emir of al-Andalus Abd al-Rahman ibn Nasir al-Sa'di, a Saudi religious Abd al-Rahman Munif, Georgian writer Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar, Syrian politician 'Abd al-Rahman Suwwar al-Dhahab, Sudanese general and politician

Other variations

Abdul Rahman of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysian ruler Abdirahman Ahmed Ali Tur, Somali politician Abdulrahman Al-Qahtani, Saudi footballer Abdul Rahman bin Sa'ud Al Sa'ud, Saudi prince and sports executive Abdul Rahman Baba, Ghanaian footballer Abdulrahman Fawzi, Egyptian footballer and soccer coach Abderrahim Goumri, Moroccan middle distance runner and marathon runner Abdur Rahman Khan, Emir of Afghanistan Abderrahman Samba, Mauritanian obstacle course naturalized Qatari



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