Agatha Christie


November 28, 2021

Dame Agatha Christie, full name Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, Lady Mallowan, born Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller (Torquay, 15 September 1890 - Winterbrook, 12 January 1976), was a British writer and playwright. Among her works there are, in addition to the novels and detective stories that made her famous, numerous stories and plays and even some romance novels written under the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott. She is considered one of the most influential and prolific writers of the 20th century as well as a world-renowned crime writer. In her works there are recurring characters such as Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, who have become famous all over the world and protagonists of a large part of her literary production and a series of film and television adaptations. Even today, her novels are published successfully all over the world and she is the most translated English writer, second only to William Shakespeare.


Childhood and adolescence: 1890-1910

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, on September 15, 1890 into a wealthy upper-class family. She was the youngest of three children born to Frederick Alvah Miller, a wealthy American stockbroker, and his wife Clara Miller, who was of British descent. Agatha's mother, Clara, was born in Belfast in 1854 to Captain Frederick Boehmer and his wife Mary Ann West as the couple's only daughter. Boehmer was killed in a car accident while stationed in Jersey in April 1863, leaving his widow to raise the children alone and on a meager income. In the same year, in 1863, Mary Ann's sister Margaret married a wealthy American, Nathaniel Frary Miller, and the couple settled in Southbourne, West Sussex. Their marriage was childless, but Nathaniel had a son, Frederick, from a previous marriage. Frederick was sent to Switzerland for his education. Since Mary Ann was virtually penniless and her sister Margaret was rich but childless, they agreed that Clara was raised by her aunt and uncle. It was at the Millers' home that Clara met Frederick, her aunt's stepson. She and Frederick soon developed a romantic relationship and were married in April 1878. The couple's first daughter, Margaret Frary Miller (1879-1950) was born in Torquay, where the couple were renting out accommodations. Their second son, Louis Montant (1880-1929), was born in the US state of New York while Frederick was on a business trip. When Frederick's father Nathaniel died he left his daughter-in-law Clara £ 2,000. She used this money to buy a villa in Torquay called "Ashfield" in which to raise her family. It was here that her third and last daughter, Agatha, was born. Christie described her childhood as "very happy". She was surrounded by a number of strong and independent women from an early age. She spent her time alternating between her home in Devon and that of her aunt in Ealing, west London, and parts of southern Europe, where her family went on holiday during the winter. Agatha grew up in a family. with various esoteric beliefs and, like her brothers, believed that her mother Clara was a medium with the ability of second sight. Agatha's sister Margaret had been sent to Roedean, Sussex for her education, but her mother insisted that Agatha receive a home education. As a result, her parents were responsible for teaching her to read, write and master basic arithmetic, a subject she particularly enjoyed. She also taught her music and she learned to play both the piano and the mandolin. According to biographer Laura Thomson, Clara believed that she Agatha should not have learned to read until the age of eight. However, thanks to her curiosity, the little girl learned to read long before her. One of the earliest known photographs

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