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October 20, 2021

Welcome to! You are on the Italian version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in which the readers are also the authors. Anyone can collaborate on Wikipedia, creating a new entry or improving the contents of existing ones, and anyone who wants to contribute to the project, in full respect of its Five Pillars and, above all, using common sense, is always welcome. Due to the nature of the free and free contribution of all wikipedians, including anonymous users, Wikipedia cannot provide guarantees on the validity and accuracy of its contents. While the community tries to be vigilant and accurate on the whole, it is always possible at any time that a page could be vandalized or modified improperly, even if in good faith, with information that is incorrect, illegal or not in accordance with the customs of the community or area where you live. In fact, in the general warnings, which we ask you to read, it is written that the information given here has only a purely illustrative and informative value; for any medical, legal or professional advice, always contact an expert in the sector.

How to consult Wikipedia

You can browse by topics, entering the main page and following the link to a topic that interests you. If you are looking for a specific item, type one or more words in the text box at the top right (see image) and click on the magnifying glass symbol (or press ↵ Enter): if the search expression is the title of an item already written, this will be immediately recalled. If not, you will be offered a list of items that contain the words you are looking for.

How to collaborate with Wikipedia

There are many ways to contribute to Wikipedia. The simplest and most immediate is to write a new entry in the encyclopedia or collaborate to improve existing ones. Be careful, however, to better target your activity on Wikipedia and to ensure its proper development, in the wake of a real encyclopedia, remember that Wikipedia is not a dictionary (an encyclopedia entry is not limited to a telegraphic definition of what you aims to speak) and not even an indiscriminate collection of information (not everything is suitable for inclusion in an encyclopedia); also keep in mind that it is essential to cite the sources of the added information and that original research is not allowed (in contributing to an item it is necessary to maintain a fair cut that deals with the topic from every point of view) as well as personal curricula are not accepted or promotional pages, which incur cancellation from the encyclopedia. If you collaborate on Wikipedia on commission, you must read and accept our terms of use. Last but not least, be aware that the Italian criminal law prohibits the infringement of copyrighted material, so copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. Having made these important premises, which we ask you to take into account for your future activity on Wikipedia, continue reading this page to find out how to contribute to the development of the encyclopedia! Do you want to try writing? Starting to write is not difficult, just try and imitate. To test without risking "messing up" an entry in the encyclopedia already written, the tests page is at your disposal, where you can practice editing the text and practice its formatting. If you'd rather experiment with editing existing text (like this one), copy and paste its content onto the proof page and change it to your liking. For a guide to the first steps, you can try the guided tour. If you are an expert on one or more topics of human knowledge it might be useful to read the page dedicated to qualified users in your field.

Other ways to contribute

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