Help: How to cite Wikipedia


October 20, 2021

If you want to reuse one or more texts on Wikipedia, as well as create derivative works, it is a must to quote the authors. As with any other source, there is a need to be cautious and independently verify the accuracy of the information you want to use: in this regard, see also the general warning page at the bottom of each item and page of the site. Attention: if in your work you have taken Wikipedia as a simple inspiration, completely reformulating a text (or quoting "literally" only short portions of text), you must follow the instructions in the section How to insert a reference to Wikipedia in your own text . If, on the other hand, you want to reuse a text without reformulating it entirely, it is mandatory to respect all the rules imposed by the license, following the instructions in the section Use of the text taken from Wikipedia. As for the images, many are available with "free licenses" such as the CC BY-SA and the GFDL (in which case it is possible to reuse and modify them, in a similar way to the texts, as long as you explicitly maintain the same license and report - o provide access to the list of authors); while others are in the public domain and therefore can be reused and modified without particular constraints; still others are protected by copyright (eg screenshots covered by rights) and "licensed for use only by Wikipedia" and cannot be reused elsewhere or modified. It is therefore necessary to check on the description page of each individual image (usually accessible by clicking on the image itself) with which license it has been issued, to find out if and under what conditions it is possible to reuse it elsewhere or modify it. For more information on image licensing, see Help: Image copyrights.

How to insert a reference to Wikipedia in your own text

A wiki project is a particular means of communication, and as such it does not fit perfectly with the usual citation formats. Wikipedia is a non-paper encyclopedia, so you need a format that is electronic, and the choice will depend on the bibliographic guide you are following, but there are some general principles to follow. In the case of a simple reference to a Wikipedia entry, and only in this case, it is not necessary to cite a specific author or group of authors of a Wikipedia entry. To find out who the authors of a specific entry are, it is always possible to consult its history. The citation must include both the title of the entry and the wording Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, in the same way that a normal article or paper text will contain data relating to its sources. For accuracy, the citation should include the date and time of the precise version of the item you are using. This is because the items can be changed very quickly and also change in depth between the moment of the first consultation and the moment in which they are quoted. Also in this case the history can be consulted. Most bibliographic conventions will require the entire internet address of the page. In case of different needs, such as absolute brevity, only the reference can be entered for the Italian version, since the complete web address can be deduced from the title of the page. Better yet, use the permanent link found in the box on the left of each page. In this way the quotation will be unequivocally linked to the precise version of the item you are referring to. Each Wikipedia entry from which it is drawn should be cited separately to respect the rights of the respective authors (a general citation to Wikipedia is not enough). In particular it is good to remember: this encyclopedia is not modified only by authors co

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