Help: How to write an entry


October 18, 2021

This help page offers basic technical instructions on how to create a new voice, as well as guidance on the first touches. These indications are based on widely accepted conventions and practices. If you want to create or modify an Italian Wikipedia entry, adhering to these indications means contributing doubly: enriching it and avoiding the burden of adapting what is written to the standards for others. Conventions are designed to harmonize and facilitate everyone's work, to make the texts an orderly and well-readable collection of concepts, to help the contents of Wikipedia grow in an organic and coherent way. Contributing to Wikipedia also means following some general guidelines (for an overview, see Wikipedia: Recommendations and guidelines), which are more stringent than conventions and are, for example, related to the neutral point of view, to the behavior to be kept with other users, to problems related to copyright. Make sure you understand these guidelines and share the five Pillars before creating a new entry. Both the conventions and the guidelines, together with other types of pages, are service pages and accompany the entries: the latter make up the actual encyclopedia. In general, if you approach Wikipedia with a clear understanding of what an encyclopedia is, if you propose to offer free knowledge through your voluntary effort and if you have a good dose of common sense, you shouldn't have much trouble making changes. Wikipedia's policy invites you to learn on the job: long-time users will assume your good faith, so don't be afraid to make changes: mistakes are always possible, but everything on Wikipedia can be fixed. In any case, Wikipedia is full of information for newcomers, so if in doubt, the wisest choice is to consult with other users and get the guidelines most relevant to your needs. You can get a basic smattering, sufficient in most cases, in the Essential Guide. For more detailed information in relation to the style a voice should follow, see the Style Manual. In Help: Help you will find a reasoned index of the help pages.

Basic tips and conventions

Before the technical instructions for creating an entry (found in the section How to create a new entry), here are some important methodical indications: First ask yourself if the topic of the entry you want to create is relevant to an encyclopedia. Read Help: What to put on Wikipedia for some pointers. If you think the topic you want to write about is relevant and suitable for being in a Wikipedia entry, do a search to verify that the entry is not already present on If there is already an entry dealing with the topic, improve and expand that; if you write a duplicate, it must then be merged with the existing entry. If your topic is very specific, perhaps it is appropriate to deal with it in the section of a more general entry (this could be the case of car restyling: an example). Consult the naming conventions before giving a title to the new entry. If chosen correctly, it ensures that the entry will be linked by the other entries and avoids having to rename it. If the title is already used by another item (for example if there is already a page dedicated to the planet Mercury and you want to write an item regarding the chemical element of the same name or the homonymous divinity), see Help: Disambiguation. with an opening section or incipit, which frames and summarily defines the topic, providing context. An entry cannot therefore begin with "This was his third novel ...", because you may have followed the link from the entry dedicated to the famous writer X, but the other readers may have arrived on page

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