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October 23, 2021

A Wikipedia entry or lemma is a page dedicated to a specific topic that contains information about it typical of an encyclopedia or an almanac (for example lists, chronologies, tables or graphs).

How to recognize a voice

Wikipedia entries are mainly recognized by the title, which does not contain any prefixes of any kind. Conversely, the pages whose title begins with a prefix are service pages of the project (they are said to belong to a namespace other than the main one), for example: Help: Voice (this page) is a page in the Help namespace: Wikipedia: Bar is a service page of the namespace Wikipedia: Since the colon ":" is the character used to specify the end of namespaces, it is recommended not to use them when choosing the name to give to the entry. In addition, the pages of the entries have a white background, while the pages of namespaces other than the main one usually have a colored background; however this is not a strict rule: Categories and Templates, for example, also have a white background.


Within the main namespace there are some pages that, strictly speaking, cannot be considered encyclopedia entries: the main page and many thousands of redirects and disambiguation pages. In the statistics page the indicated number of entries includes all the pages of the main namespace that are not redirects and that contain at least one wikilink. Therefore also the disambiguation pages are included, but any sketches still without wikilink are excluded. According to this criterion, at the moment the Italian language Wikipedia has 1 722 222 entries. For more information on the choice of titles to be given to items, see the nomenclature conventions.

Editing entries

All Wikipedia entries are freely editable to improve them, without any formalities (just click on the 'edit' button at the top). However, some particularly vandalized items are occasionally write protected; in that case the changes can be reported on the relevant discussion page for one of the Wikipedia administrators to carry out. For more information on editing entries, see Help: Edit.

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