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August 19, 2022

The studio album (in English full-length or studio album) is a record album containing songs, mostly unreleased, recorded in the recording room. In case the songs are not unreleased, it is instead a collection (compilation) or cover album.


The historical possibility of making a record album was born with the advent of vinyl records at 33⅓ rpm which allowed the insertion of numerous songs on both sides of a single support. The most common formats for vinyl records were 33⅓rpm LPs, EPs and 45s. The quality of the recording has gradually improved and, for CDs, it is now encoded in three steps; the most advanced coding is the so-called DDD (Digital Digital Digital), that is the one made entirely in digital. Earlier recorded albums are John Lomax's Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads from 1910 and Hart Wandcould's Dallas Blues from 1913.

Definition and characteristics

The studio or full length album contrasts with EPs and singles for the longer duration. In vinyl records, you can guess the duration from the size of the record. The wording full-length also refers to a single song in its integral or complete version, that is, without any cuts made to make the radio edit or single edit versions. The studio album contrasts in content with various types of record albums, including remix albums, cover albums or compilations. Today, sometimes, people who join an album are in different places and the material, such as a verse for a featuring, is sent over the Internet. In rare cases, a studio album may contain some live songs with the addition of unreleased tracks (an example is Rattle and Hum by U2). In other cases a studio album can be composed of rearranged songs (already present in other albums) with the addition of a few unreleased tracks recorded in the studio for the occasion; one example is Once More by Spandau Ballet.


Depending on the number of copies of an album sold, the record industry has devised prizes, called gold, silver, platinum, awarded to the author of the work.

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