November 27, 2021

The coach is defined as the sports figure responsible for preparing the athlete and the team.


Normally enabled by the competent federation through participation in a specific course and the positive outcome of the same, carrying out the profession in the absence of the aforementioned title involves the abusive exercise. a contract - the coach assists them during the match with the prohibition of access to the pitch under penalty of sanction by the referee: in the group disciplines he is solely responsible for the starting line-up - or for the actual deployed on the field - and for the reserves (reinforcements) available on the bench. He is placed at the head of the technical staff, in case of absence or disqualification he is replaced at the command by the assistant coach (or "second coach"). Especially in the amateur field, the presence of a coach-player is common, that is a figure who alternates competitive practice with the technical management of the team. (including the second in boxing).

In mass culture

Sometimes rendered by the synonym "technical", the coach is also known informally as "mister": the expression can be traced back to the British William Garbutt, to whom his players used to refer in this way. L'allenatore is a single by Gianni Morandi from 2004, contained in the album A chi si ama vero. The film The coach in the ball is dedicated to the events of a coach on the bench of a team - in this case football -, the success of which determined a sequel.



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