November 27, 2021

The 1930s, commonly referred to as the 1930s, are the decade that includes the years 1930 to 1939 inclusive.

Events, inventions and discoveries


From 13 to 30 July, Uruguay hosts the first edition of the soccer world championships: the victory will be for the hosts. The feature film Il re del jazz, one of the first musicals in color, is produced. Planet Pluto is discovered.


May 1: The Empire State Building is inaugurated in New York, which takes away the title of the tallest skyscraper in the world from the Chrysler Building. In Chicago, Al Capone is arrested for tax evasion by Eliot Ness and his companions (the Untouchables) and sentenced to eleven years in prison. September 19: Japan invades Manchuria, establishing the puppet state of Manchukuo. Ernst Ruska develops the electron microscope


June 16 - July 9 - Switzerland: at the Lausanne conference it is decided to forgive Germany the payments due for war reparations. May 21-22: American Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly over the Atlantic. The first Technicolor film is produced. Vladimir Koz'mič Zvorykin creates the electronic camera.


January 30: Adolf Hitler is elected German Chancellor. Beginning of the Nazi regime in Germany which will lead to the Second World War; the first extermination camps are built and anti-Semitism becomes more and more marked. United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiates New Deal policy to combat the Great Depression. In the United States, Prohibition is abolished.


25 July: Chancellor Dollfuss is assassinated in Austria. In the United States, in Hollywood, 20th Century Fox is born. Wallace Carothers invents nylon. On June 10, Italy wins its first title at the World Cup. June 14, the first official meeting between Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler in Venice.


Swing asserts itself as the definitive component of jazz and begins to spread all over the world. The era of the numerous big bands begins. Gerhard Domagk experiments with the first sulfonamide. At dawn on 3 October, the first Italian troops departing from Eritrea cross the border with Ethiopia; the war of Ethiopia begins. The international community unanimously condemns Italy, and on November 18 the League of Nations inflicts economic sanctions on it.


King George V of the United Kingdom dies on January 20, he is succeeded by his eldest son with the name of Edward VIII. On the afternoon of May 5th, Marshal Pietro Badoglio enters Addis Ababa; thus ends the war in Ethiopia. A failed coup attempt against legitimate republican government by far-right Spanish nationalist groups quickly escalates into civil war. Thus the Spanish Civil War broke out. African-American athlete Jesse Owens wins four gold medals in athletics at the Berlin Olympics. On 11 December King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom abdicates to marry the American Wallis Simpson, succeeded by his brother with the name of George VI.


H. P. Lovecraft's first book, Dagon, was published. On June 14 in the United States of America, President Roosevelt signed the Marijuana Tax Act, starting the prohibition against cannabis. Tuesday, December 21: The world premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Carthay Circle Theater in Los Angeles, the film that started Disney's success. Second Sino-Japanese War.


With the Anschluss, Austria is annexed to Nazi Germany on 12 March. In June the World Cup takes place, won for the second consecutive time by Italy. The number one of Action Comics comes out in June, a comic series that sees the debut of Superman. In Germany, the persecutions against Jews reach their peak in November on the Night of the Christs

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