November 27, 2021

In group ball sports, forwards are the athletes who play in the offensive zone with the aim of scoring points for their team. Sportively, and conceptually, the role of attacker is opposed to that of the defender.

In various sports


In football, forwards are the most advanced players and are tasked with scoring goals for their formation. The same task belongs to the pivot in 5-a-side football.


The offensive roles of hockey - in each of its variations - recall those of football, with the attackers standing out in the central and lateral positions as well. They also have the task of scoring goals.

Water Polo

The water polo striker is referred to as the "centroboa" and is the most advanced player in the line-up.

Other disciplines

Attackers are also present in other sports, including basketball (center or pivot) and volleyball (opposite or side hitter).


The term "gunner", coined during the Fascist era, indicates an attacker capable of scoring a considerable amount of points. The expression is also rendered by the more colloquial "bomber" and "goleador".


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