Bernone of Cluny


January 24, 2022

Bernone of Cluny also called Bernone of Baume or Bernone of Burgundy (La Baume, c. 850 - 13 January 927) was a Frankish abbot, the first of the Abbey of Cluny.


Bernone was born into a Burgundian family, perhaps aristocratic, and became a monk around the year 880 in the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Martin d'Autun. Around 885 he founded a monastery on lands owned by him in Gigny, and around 890 Rudolph I of Burgundy gave him the monastery of Baume, of which he became abbot. In 895 he obtained the protection of Pope Formosus for the two abbeys. On 11 September 909 (or 910) William I, Duke of Aquitaine founded the monastery of Cluny, donating the villa he owned there. The monastery was to include twelve monks and follow the rule of St. Benedict. William chose Bernone as abbot. Bernone held Cluny in the delicate period of his start-up, maintaining good relations with the local lay and ecclesiastical authorities, and at the same time retained the posts of abbot of Gigny and Baume. In 917 he also hired the abbeys of Déols and Massay. The links between these abbeys were determined only by having the same abbot: on Bernone's death they broke up. However Bernone designated his successors: Guido (a relative of him) as Abbot of Baume and Gigny, and Odo as Abbot of Cluny. He helped to spread the monastic reform to several abbeys, including that of Souvigny. He is commemorated as a saint by the Catholic Church on January 13.



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