November 28, 2021

The midfielder is a role in some team sports, especially Australian football and soccer.


The term was coined by Gianni Brera, who initially wrote it with a hyphen (center-field player) referring to the player who acts in the middle area of ​​the pitch. the same characteristics from a tactical point of view: physical and technical ability, speed, ability in aerial play, precision in passing and throwing. The midfielder also needs the vision of the game - to follow the development of the action - and the ability to finish at the net, to attempt the goal. The main functions of the role include tackling opponents and setting the game. while in the defensive phase the midfielder can contribute to the recovery of balls through the fallback in coverage and the implementation of pressing; as regards the offensive maneuver he can propose himself forward through cuts and insertions, thus becoming a raider.


Mediano: also called "rendezvous" or "interdictor", he is the most backward. In fact, he acts close to the rear, collaborating in recovering the balls and in triggering the restart. In modules similar to the bolt he was in charge of marking the opponent's game fulcrum, thus holding tasks similar to the central defensive; in fact, it is not uncommon that, especially in emergency cases, a median is adapted to defensive positions due to his ability to fight.

Pure midfielders

Director: also called "point guard", this is the element responsible for organizing the game. Deployed both in front of the defense and in a more centralized position, he takes care of setting the team's maneuver. The more modern evolution of the game, often attributable to a football more based on physicality than on technique, has resulted in less recourse to the figure which is preferred by more flexible midfielders. The canonical aspects of the playmaker are thus integrated, albeit in different ways, in the position of the central defensive. : midfielder who acts along the outside lanes, halfway between the full backs and the wings, providing his contribution in both phases.


Mezzala: also called "inside", since in the older modules (for example the pyramid) he was deployed in the offensive quintet next to the center forward, he contributes both to the blocking and pushing maneuvers. , was used - especially in the twentieth century - as an added attacker trying to surprise the opposing defenses with cross from the back that complicated the application of the offside. He is skilled both in finishing for his teammates and in the first person goal at goal, he can perform set pieces as a specialist.

Gaelic football

In the Gaelic variant there are three categories: the median, who acts as a filter to shield the opponent's offensive; the pure midfielder, who is responsible for restarting the action; the mezzpunta, constituting a link with the advanced department.

Australian Football

In Australian football, the midfielders are divided into central and lateral, with the former more gifted from a technical point of view and the latter having a greater speed.


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