November 28, 2021

A chemist is a scientist who is involved in chemistry. Chemists are employed in universities as professors and researchers, in the laboratories of public research organizations (among the Italian ones we remember the INFN, ENEA, CNR and 'IIT, among the Europeans the CERN) and certification (among the Italian ones we remember the ISS, among those of the European Union, EFSA and ECHA), in hospitals as experts for the applications of chemistry and biochemistry in medicine or as food specialists, in the Regional Agencies for the Protection of Environment (ARPA), in secondary schools, in industrial analysis and research laboratories, in private analysis laboratories.


Employment as a chemist requires, depending on the job: a bachelor's degree or a master's degree for jobs of greater responsibility, which are the majority of those as a chemist; a PhD is important for a career at universities and public research institutions. To practice in Italy, registration in the register of chemists is required. The main activities of a chemist can be: Chemical, biochemical, microbiological, radiological, bromatological, geological, environmental, metrological analyzes Development of chemical production and treatment processes Organic syntheses in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry Elaboration of the procedures of chemical analysis and research methodologies Design and testing in chemical industries, chemical plants, etc. Appraisals, consultancy and opinions in the interventions on the production of chemical industrial activities, chemical plants, machinery and goods Responsibility for plants using toxic gases Safety and assessments in the field of environmental acoustics and magnetic and electromagnetic emissions Quality systems according to ISO9000, ISO14000, EMAS, ISO 17025 standards Environmental monitoring In addition, the Specialist Chemist in Food Sciences deals with human nutrition and dietary therapies.

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