Chocolate-covered bacon


July 5, 2022

Chocolate-covered bacon is an American dessert made by dipping one or more slices of bacon in chocolate. There are several variants of the preparation.


The origins of chocolate-covered bacon are uncertain. According to some, chocolate bacon was invented at an edition of the Minnesota State Fair, while others support the hypothesis that it was first made at Marini's Candy in Santa Cruz. Although the first sources dedicated to food are traced back to 2005, in the episode Not For Money But For Prayers by The Simpsons, which aired in 2003, the protagonist Homer returns from work in the car, and prays to God to invent a new snack. In doing so, he gets distracted and accidentally collides two trucks carrying fudge and precooked bacon which, on impact, rain down many slices of chocolate covered bacon. Unaware of the accident, Homer tastes a fall on the windshield of his car and declares: Chocolate-covered bacon was popularized thanks to Michael Symon of Dinner: Impossible, and is now served at American state fairs.


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