Claudio Castelucho


January 24, 2022

Claudio Castelucho y Diana (Barcelona, ​​5 July 1870 - Paris, 31 October 1927) was a Spanish painter.


Claudio Castelucho's father was Antoni Castelucho Vendrell, and he was a set designer. Claudio received his first lessons from him, and also collaborated on several artistic treatises on the theory of perspective. He held his shows when he was little more than a teenager. In 1892, after some brief studies at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Barcelona, ​​he moved to Paris with his family. During his early years there, Castelucho worked as a decorator alongside his father and younger brother, and began painting landscapes in his spare time. With those works he made his debut in France at the Salon of 1897. When he realized that his most appreciated paintings were those contextual to Spain, he decided to focus mainly on images dedicated to his native land. Castelucho was a professor at the Académie Colarossi and, in the 1905, he became one of the first groups of professors at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, founded by Alice Dannenberg and Martha Stettler. He became a renowned teacher among foreign artists studying in Paris. Among those who took part in his lectures were the Australian Kathleen O'Connor, the Canadian Edwin Holgate, and the American Alice Pike Barney.In 1913, Castelucho held a major exhibition at the Galerie Moos, home of modernist art in Geneva. where he presented some of his Spanish paintings from a short visit to Spain in 1910. Except for another short trip home at the beginning of the First World War, he spent the time of his life in Paris, and continued to participate regularly at the Salon.



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