Abruzzo blanket


August 19, 2022

The Abruzzo blanket is a traditional blanket-bedspread of pure virgin wool that is made in Abruzzo, in particular in Taranta Peligna and in some neighboring municipalities in the province of Chieti.


The Abruzzo blanket is a traditional blanket that was made starting from the nineteenth century in some Abruzzo municipalities in the province of Chieti such as Taranta Peligna, Lama dei Peligni, Palena, Fara San Martino and Torricella Peligna, places rich in pure water because they are crossed or close to course of the Aventino river and close to springs and streams, but also of wool and dyeing herbs and plants used to color natural fabrics and where the generous wood was aimed at starting the dyeing boilers. In Taranta Peligna in particular, the first woolen mills date back to the Late Middle Ages. The oldest blankets made in these territories were the "tarante" or "tarantulas", simple black blankets used to create the capes of the Bourbon soldiers or the sails of the small military ships. Following the economic and cultural exchanges that took place thanks to transhumance, the blankets were made with the use of bright colors, in particular from the second half of the nineteenth century onwards. Instead, the classic Abruzzo blankets were given to new brides to enrich the trousseau. They are characterized by heaviness, bright colors, borders adorned with hand-made wool fringes and floral, geometric or gothic decorations and, starting from the sixties, also for angelic decorative motifs.


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