Hermbert of Toulouse


May 25, 2022

Erembert of Toulouse (Wocourt near Poissy, 7th century - Fontenelle, 674) was a Frankish Christian bishop and monk, venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church.


At first a monk at Fontenelle in Neustria, he was appointed bishop of Toulouse in 657 by Clotaire III. He resigned in 668 due to serious health problems, retiring to Fontenelle. After his death, his brother Camargo and his two sons also followed in his footsteps by entering the convent of Fontenelle, after having donated all their possessions to the Church.


The liturgical feast of St. Eremberto is celebrated on May 14th. From the Roman Martyrology: "In the monastery of Fontenelle in the territory of Neustria, in France, Saint Erembert, former bishop of Toulouse, who lived following the monastic rule".

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