Factory Records


August 19, 2022

Factory Records was an independent music label based in Manchester, U.K. Founded in 1978 by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus, it went bankrupt in 1992 after contributing heavily to Manchester's cultural growth in the 1980s and introducing deep innovations in the independent recording scene. For the name Wilson was inspired by the famous The Factory by Andy Warhol. The list of bands produced includes Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays, A Certain Ratio, James, Durutti Column, The Names, Section 25, Cabaret Voltaire and The Wake, also through the Belgian branch Factory Benelux, still active for reprints. The Factory used a team of creatives such as producer Martin Hannett and graphic designer Peter Saville (who designed the label's logo) and who gave it a unique sound and recognizable image. In the numbering of the catalog therefore appear not only the discs, but also other various artistic objects. The label has also opened two venues to promote the local music scene, The Haçienda, which was closed permanently in 1997, and Dry Bar.



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