Slovenian national holiday


July 3, 2022

The Slovenian National Day (in Slovenian Dan državnosti, literally Day of Statehood) is the national holiday of the Republic of Slovenia. The Slovenian national anniversary is celebrated every 25 June to commemorate the declaration of independence of Slovenia from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991. It should be noted that, although the formal declaration of independence came on 26 June 1991, 25 June is considered the actual national holiday, as it is the date on which all formalities relating to independence were approved so that Slovenia became an independent republic. A prominent figure in the Slovenian political landscape was that of Lojze Peterle, who declared, in 1991, the independence of his country from Yugoslavia. This anniversary is very different from the "Day of Independence and Unity of Slovenia", celebrated every year on December 26 in commemoration of December 26, 1990, which celebrated the official proclamation of the results of the electoral votes in which 88.5% of all Slovenian voters were in favor of Slovenia as a sovereign country. Already in the 19th century a Slovenian national cultural identity was sung by the Slovenian national poet France Prešeren, whose seventh verse of one of his poems (Zdravljica) became the official text of the Slovenian national anthem since 1991. The anniversary of June 25, however, still has a strong sense of national pride and the values ​​of national independence itself.