Frank Sinatra


May 25, 2022

Francis Albert Sinatra, known as Frank Sinatra (/ fræŋk sᵻ'nɑːtrə / (Hoboken, December 12, 1915 - West Hollywood, May 14, 1998), was an American singer, actor, comedian and TV host of Italian descent. Considered by many music critics to be the greatest voice of the twentieth century, it is known in Italy above all as The Voice, while in the United States of America and other countries it was also known by nicknames such as Ol 'Blue Eyes, Frankie, Swoonatra (derived from verb swoon, "to faint", referring to the effect it produced on its admirers), The Charmain of the board (the chairman of the board of directors of the show) and many others. He was an important and charismatic figure in American and world entertainment, and became a legend for the eternal youth of his songs and his voice, managing to establish himself on the world music scene from the period of the great American depression to the present day, thanks to an intense activity that lasted over 60 years, from the early thirties until 1995, the year in which he held his last live concert. With hundreds of millions of records sold he is considered one of the most prolific musical artists. In his long career, which spanned seven decades, he won a total of three Oscars: an honorary Oscar in 1946 for his role in The House I Live In (shared with others); an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1954 for From Here to Eternity; the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. He also won two Golden Globes, eleven Grammy Awards, the Cecil B. De Mille Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award for his career in 1972, and the Kennedy Center Honors in 1983. In 1985 he received the Presidential Medal of freedom from President Ronald Reagan and in 1997 the United States honored him with the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor awarded by the United States. Over 2200 songs and more than 60 albums of unreleased songs published (excluding hangovers and collections) make him one of the singers with the largest record production in history.


Family and childhood

Francis Albert Sinatra was born on 12 December 1915 on the upper floor of an apartment at 415 Monroe Street in Hoboken (New Jersey), the only child of two Italian parents who emigrated to the United States, Antonino Martino Sinatra, a Sicilian from Lercara Friddi, and Natalina Maria Vittoria Garaventa , Ligurian from the municipality of Lumarzo. An honor killing would be at the origin of his glory, a murder committed at the beginning of the twentieth century by his father when, still very young, he lived in Palagonia from which he would have been forced to emigrate to escape the Italian justice . Sinatra owes his fortune to his father, who took the name Martin O'Brien in America and who after undertaking various professions, including the worker, the shoemaker and the boxer, asked for the hand of Natalina, renamed Dolly, "doll ". Despite being opposed by her family, opposed to their marriage, the two married on Valentine's Day in 1914 in Jersey City. The couple later moved to Hoboken and Frank, their first and only child, was born on December 12 of the year following 415 Monroe Street. The birth of the mother was rather troubled (the doctor had to extract the newborn with forceps) and unfortunately Frank found himself deaf in one ear, having perforated an eardrum, an injury that will remain for life. Frank's godfather was Frank Garrick, co-owner of a local newspaper, the Jersey Observer, whose uncle Thomas was a police captain and to whom Dolly later acted as an informant about what was going on in Little Italy. his mother Dolly (at that time Italian immigrants were forbidden to enter the ring), after continuing with boxing (he will manage to sustain 30 fights), opened a bar and also became captain