Gaudenzio of Rimini


October 20, 2021

Gaudenzio di Rimini (or Gaudenzo) (Ephesus, about 280 - Rimini, October 14, 360) was bishop of Rimini. Known for having fought the Arian heresy together with the bishops Mercuriale of Forlì, Rufillo of Forlimpopoli and Leo di Montefeltro, he is the patron saint of the cities of Rimini, Ostra and Garaguso; he is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church and celebrated on 14 October.


Born in Ephesus in a Christian and wealthy family, which allowed him a valid education, after the killing of his parents at the hands of the Manichees he reached Rome, where he was baptized and then ordained a priest and consecrated bishop. He was sent to Rimini where he opposed the pagan cults. In 359 he participated in the Council of Rimini called by the Emperor Constantius II with the aim of reconciling the differences between the positions of Arius and those of the Niceni. After the council, Gaudenzio with seventeen other bishops retired to a small nearby town which was called La Cattolica. Once back in Rimini he continued to attack the Aryan positions. He was arrested, snatched from the hands of the judges and lynched by Arius' followers on October 14, 360.


In 590 the Lombard queen Teodolinda, not considering the remains of the saint safe due to the raids of the Barbarians, had them transferred from Rimini to Senigallia. From there they were later transferred to nearby Ostra, where they are currently located. In Rimini the relic of the skull is preserved, while in Garaguso (MT) some fragments of the bones of the arms.


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