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Thursday is the day of the week between Wednesday and Friday, from the Latin Iovis dies "day of Jupiter". The English Thursday and the German Donnerstag derive from the name of the Germanic god Thor ("thunder", in ancient English Thur or Thunor and in German Dnar, from which also the modern English thunder and the German donner) which was equated, on the basis of its functions, to Jupiter in the Roman interpretatio; lightning and thunder are in fact connected to the figures of Thor and Jupiter.

Thursdays in culture and art

Jupiter, which gives its name to Thursday, is associated with the concepts of abundance, growth and prosperity, often as opposed to skinny Friday. Jupiter is in fact the largest planet in the solar system, and in Greco-Roman mythology, where it was also known as Zeus, it was the supreme leader of the Olympic gods. Furthermore, both Jupiter and Thor, while representing the devastating force of lightning and storms, were associated with the power to fertilize the fields. The historian Adam of Bremen reports that “Thor is lord of the air; it is he who commands the thunder and the lightning, the wind and the rain, the good weather and the crops ». Among the sacred trees venerated by the ancient Germans there was in particular the oak, dedicated for its majesty to the god Donar, equivalent of the Norse Thor. eating greedy foods, and is sometimes considered the real start date of the party, which runs until the following Tuesday. A popular Roman saying also recommends "Thursday dumplings" as a substantial meal. In numerology Thursday shares the virtues of the number five, traditionally being counted as the fifth day starting on Sunday. In astrology it is an auspicious day for spirituality, justice, well-being and gambling. In the Hall of Liberal Arts and Planets of Palazzo Trinci in Foligno, Thursday corresponds to adolescence between the seven ages of human life, and to arithmetic between the sciences.

Religious holidays and other occasions

Shrove Thursday, which begins the last week of Carnival before Ash Wednesday, was historically a public holiday. In the Florence area it is also called «berlingaccio». For Christianity, Holy Thursday is of particular importance, in the week preceding Easter. Traditionally, the solemnities of Ascension (40 days after Easter) and Corpus Domini (60 days after Easter) fall on Thursdays, moved in some countries to the Sunday immediately following. In the United States, it falls on a Thursday, the fourth of November, Thanksgiving. It is known as "Black Thursday" on October 24, 1929, the day the economic collapse that led to the Great Depression began. Thursday is the day when elections are traditionally held in the UK.


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