Great house of the people


November 27, 2021

The Great House of the People (Spanish: Casa Grande del Pueblo) is the Bolivian presidential residence; replaced the Palacio Quemado in 2018. Inaugurated on 9 August 2018 during the presidency of Evo Morales as the official residence of the President of Bolivia, with the interim government of Jeanine Áñez the government headquarters returned to the Palacio Quemado from 2019 to 2020, but with Luis Arce, on 8 November 2020, returned to being the president's residence.



The proposal for the construction of the tower was initially rejected due to municipal height restrictions in the historic district; the mayor of La Paz claimed that land use and settlement models prohibited such buildings and his spokesman Luis Lugones said: "If the government wanted to build a 10 or 12-story building, it would be prohibited." However, supporters of President Evo Morales in the Pluri-National Legislative Assembly helped bypass the law, allowing the tower to be built.The controversy involved the site of the proposed site for the tower, Casa Alencastre, formerly the archbishop's residence, built in 1821. before the creation of the Bolivian state. Cultural and historical groups opposed the destruction of Casa Alencastre, but the historic building was eventually demolished.The Great People's House was inaugurated by Morales on 9 August 2018 and cost $ 34 million.

Design and features

The 29-story tower is 129 meters high; once completed, it has become the tallest building in the capital La Paz.In the lobby there is a mural of Pachamama created by Roberto Mamani Mamani, while an arch shows 36 faces, half male and half female, representing the 36 recognized indigenous groups in Bolivia. On the outside are displayed three symbols representing the three climate zones of Bolivia: the Andes, the mountain valleys and the plains.The building has a heliport and the top two floors are reserved for the president, with a gym, spa and private elevator . The presidential suite has a total area of ​​1068 m2. The bedroom is 61m2 and features uniquely designed furniture, including a bed with indigenous motifs adorning the property. The bathroom and dressing room measure 47 m2 and include both a shower and a jacuzzi. A drawing room is decorated with a painting featuring portraits of several world politicians, including Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro.


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