Home Nations Championship 1891


May 25, 2022

The Home Nations Championship 1891 (in Welsh Pencampwriaeth Rygbi'r Pedair Gwlad 1891) was the 9th annual rugby tournament between the national teams of Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland. Scotland won their second solo tournament, fourth overall, with the Triple Crown, having won all races; at the end of the tournament he sealed his en plein with the Calcutta Cup won in London, the city that welcomed the Cardo national team after seven years; the new regulation introduced by the International Rugby Football Board was the transformation of the referee trio: until the previous year the main referee was the one who decided in the event that the two referees on the field disagreed on a provision; from 1891 the two referees on the field passed to the role of line judges and the main referee became the sole judge on the field. The value of the markings, as established by the IRFB in 1888, was: 1 point for each try (2 if converted), 2 points for each set piece, 3 points for each drop.

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