Internet Movie Database


November 28, 2021

The Internet Movie Database, commonly referred to as IMDb, is a website owned by that manages information on movies, actors, directors, production staff, television shows, and even video games. A paid version called IMDb Pro is available to anyone who advertises their work.


The archive was born on October 17, 1990 as a collection of scripts developed by Col Needham, which allowed searches within the FAQ, which appeared on the Usenet discussion group rec.arts.movies. In 1993 a centralized interface was designed for querying the archive via e-mail, and in 1994 the system was extended also allowing information to be entered into the archive again via e-mail. Later the archive was moved to the Web, initially using a network of mirror servers and resorting to bandwidth donations from various organizations. Internet Movie Database Ltd. was formed in 1996, with Needham as the primary owner, and the first promotional banners were added to the website. In April 1998 the company was acquired by, which also hired many of the developers of the original archive. On September 17, 2009, the localized version of the site in Italian was born, closed at the end of February 2013. On April 13, 2015, Amazon announced the integration of IMDb into its Fire TVs: while watching a film, it is therefore possible to view the information present on IMDb on the screen (such as biographies of the actors, similar films, news trivia, etc. ..).


IMDb aims to archive and catalog the following types of works: Motion picture films (including short and medium-length films) Television film TV specials TV series, telefilm, and pilot Single episodes of TV shows Live-action video games (containing, for example, filmed sections) Music video clips TV commercials, on the other hand, does not provide for the storage of: Amateur videos Industrial films Regional / Local TV Shows Theatrical works There is a wide range of information on each work on IMDb which includes essential information such as the cast of actors and directors, the summary of the plots and the reviews. It is also possible to find information on more specific topics, such as the list of the technical cast involved in the production and development of the film, the errors during the shooting, the historical or temporal inconsistencies, the list of any pieces of the soundtrack, the format , any alternative versions and more. The actors, directors and screenwriters, as well as other members of the crew, have pages dedicated to them in which the films and programs they have worked on are listed and, often, also a biography. There is also a page dedicated to the "characters", with their description and with the list of films and TV series in which they appeared and the actors by whom they were interpreted. There is also an extended version of the archive where it is possible to search for films with the title under which they came out in different languages ​​and in different countries. The site has two parallel projects: The Big Cartoon Database, dedicated to the world of animation, and The Big Comic Book Database, dedicated to the world of comics; in addition, IMDb offers information on video games, news on films and television programs (with reference to the United States of America only) as well as following special events such as the Academy Awards (the night of the Oscars). A further version of the site, IMDbPro, provides additional information for professionals in the sector, such as the contacts of actors, directors and others who work in the sector, production calendars and much more; it is a paid specialized service, free only for a one-month trial.


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