Lancelot-Théodore Turpin de Crisse


May 25, 2022

Lancelot-Théodore Turpin de Crissé (Paris, 9 July 1782 - Paris, 15 May 1859) was a French writer and painter. His most popular works are landscapes with structures, usually set in Italy.


His father was Colonel Henri Roland Lancelot Turpin de Crissé, a valid amateur painter. The family was financially ruined by the Revolution and he therefore had to flee Paris, but he was able to finish his studies in Switzerland and Italy, thanks to the patronage of Marie-Gabriel-Florent-Auguste de Choiseul-Gouffier. Upon his return to France in 1809, he exhibited at the Salon. He was then granted the protection of the imperial family and became chamberlain to former Empress Josephine after her divorce. In 1810 he accompanied her on a trip to Switzerland and Savoy, returning with a large album of drawings. In 1813 he married into a noble family and received a large inheritance from a cousin. Three years later, he became a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts. He was later appointed member of the council of the Royal Museums (1824) and Inspector General of the "Département des Beaux-Arts" (1825). In the same year he was awarded the Legion of Honor. In 1829 he was made an honorary member of the Maison du Roi. During this period he made three long trips to Italy; the last on the occasion of his appointment to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Despite his association with the Bonapartes, he was a staunch legitimist, resigning all his posts after the advent of the July monarchy in 1830 and returning to private life. He continued to exhibit however, including an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1832. Three years later he published Souvenirs du vieux Paris, exemples d'architecture de temps et de styles divers. He continued to defend the Bourbons until his death. He was also known as an avid art collector and has promoted many contemporary artists through the purchase of their works. Among them were Blondel, Granet and Ingres. His collection also included antiques, which he donated to the Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Angers. From December 2006 to April 2007, the museum presented a major retrospective of his works, in an attempt to make his name known again.

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