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Monday is the day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday. The name comes from the Latin lunae dies, "day of the moon".

Mondays in culture and tradition

Placed under the influence of the Moon, a typically female star that governs the night, the flow of water and the vitality of nature, Monday was the most suitable day for the ancient Romans to dedicate oneself to the care of the house and rural activity. like the fertilization of fields and the excavation of wells.Applicable to the figures of Ceres / Demeter, Diana / Artemis, Proserpina / Persephone, the Moon was in fact associated with the concepts of growth, nutrition, motherhood, regard for the family and the home , cult of memory, introspection, dream inspiration, activities still considered suitable for Monday in the field of magic and astrology. These spiritual meanings have been lost in the currently prevailing conception of Monday, which has instead become the day of returning to work after the Sunday break, thus taking on a negative meaning in popular culture.In medieval science, as illustrated by the frescoes in the Hall of Arts Liberals and Planets of Palazzo Trinci in Foligno, the qualities of Monday, personified by an old woman, corresponded to the decrepitude among the seven ages of human life, and to the grammar among the liberal arts. Among the seven planetary archangels, Monday is ruled by Gabriel. First or second day? The position of Monday in the sequence of days of the week is not unique. In much of Europe, including Italy, it is considered the first, and so it is established in the IS-8601 standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In other states, on the other hand, such as Russia or those of the English and Portuguese languages, it is classified as second after Sunday. Monday was consequently the second. The fact that the very origin of the week as a seven-day cycle was due to the phases of the moon, which governed the ancient agricultural calendars, may have determined the placement of Monday at the beginning. Furthermore, the Moon had always been considered the first planet to be encountered in the ascending scale from the Earth towards the fixed stars. "Monday". In fact, it is often the first day of resuming work after the weekend holiday break; for this characteristic it is the subject of entertainment themes and songs.

Religious celebrations

In Italy it is called Easter Monday or Easter Monday on the Monday following Easter Sunday; in some countries, including Italy, it is a public holiday. In some countries, Pentecost Monday is also a public holiday, the day following Pentecost Sunday.



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