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May is the fifth month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar and the third and last month of spring in the northern hemisphere, autumn in the southern hemisphere, it counts 31 days and is placed in the first half of a calendar year.

Etymology and religions

The name Maggio derives from the corresponding month of the ancient Roman calendar Maius, so called as it is dedicated to the Latin divinity Maia, goddess of abundance and fertility, who represents the great mother earth.In ancient rites, the first day of the month of May the flamine of the god Vulcan sacrificed in honor of the goddess Maia, this being Vulcan's wife according to the Roman religion.

Marian month

In Christian culture, May is the month dedicated to the Madonna with particular use of the devotion of the Holy Rosary.


The zodiac signs of May are Taurus (until day 20) and Gemini (from day 21).


May 1st - Labor Day Mother's Day (second Sunday in May)


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