November 28, 2021

The bellows is a mechanical instrument that produces a puff of air.


It is used to feed the fire of forges, ovens or simply a fireplace, but also as a component in some musical instruments such as the organ, the harmonium, the accordion and the concertina.


It generally looks like a leather bag (or materials with similar mechanical properties) with the edges pleated in order to facilitate compression; the air pushed by this compression is emitted through a nozzle. Alternatively, the air can be pushed out by a piston system.


The term derives from the Latin mantica, "sacchetta", or (to explain the ending -e) from the plural of the same word manticae, "sacks, saddlebags". A relationship with a mantle is not excluded, in turn from the Latin mantellum and this from a Mediterranean theme * manta.


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