July 6, 2022

March is the third month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, it has 31 days and is placed in the first half of a calendar year.


The name derives from the Latin "Martius", referring to the fact that the month was dedicated to the Roman god Mars: the spring harvest and the war were attributed to the divinity. Before the Julian reform, it was the month with which the year began.


International Women's Day is celebrated on the eighth day of the month, more commonly known as "Women's Day"; March 14 is the day of Pi, based on the fact that in English the digits of the number (3-14) can be read as the homonymous date Father's day falls on 19 March, coinciding with the name day of San Giuseppe; March 21 is conventionally the date of the spring equinox, although the exact day may vary from year to year.March is the month that marks the transition from winter to spring and is opposed to the month of September. According to astrology at the beginning of the month the sun is in Pisces and from the 21st it enters Aries, while astronomically the sun is in the constellation of Aquarius until day 11, and then enters Pisces. In the collective imagination, March is described as a "crazy" month that would make people born in this period fickle and fickle.


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