November 28, 2021

MediaWiki is a popular free software wiki for the web. Developed by the Wikimedia Foundation for Wikipedia, MediaWiki is used by all projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wiki websites. It is a Content Management System written in PHP that uses a MySQL or PostgreSQL relational database for data storage. It is free software distributed under the GNU GPL license. The name is an anagram of "Wikimedia", while the original logo (used until April 1, 2021) represents how its markup language uses double square brackets ("[[", "]]") to create hyperlinks. MediaWiki is able to interface with other optional programs, to improve performance and functionality. Support for memcached, the Squid cache system and TEX math rendering are all available in the current version. An extension system allows you to add additional functionality and interfaces.

Software development

MediaWiki was originally written for Wikipedia by Magnus Manske. Wikipedia initially used UseModWiki (also known as "Phase I") and switched to the new version ("Phase II") on January 25, 2002. In May 2003 it switched to version 1.3 and in December 2004 to 1.4. A later rewritten and improved version of Phase II software was once known as "Phase III". It was then renamed MediaWiki recognizing that the software was able to support not only Wikipedia, but other projects as well, and that a more significant version numbering system was needed. The software was named MediaWiki as a pun based on the name of the Wikimedia Foundation, the US foundation that protects Wikipedia and its sister projects, all running on MediaWiki. MediaWiki is currently supplied with the necessary accessories to be usable on smartphones.


MediaWiki is free software distributed under the GNU GPL v2 + license. Its documentation is available under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license but some parts of it are in the public domain. Specifically, the manuals and other contents of are published under Creative Commons licenses, while the set of software-specific help pages are in the public domain to allow a free and unconstrained copy of any new software installation. . This avoids the legal problems that were encountered in importing help pages in wikis that use licenses incompatible with those of Creative Commons.


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