Metroid: Other M


January 24, 2022

Metroid: Other M is a Nintendo Wii video game, developed by Tecmo / Team Ninja and Nintendo. Unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 2, 2009, the game was released on the console in September 2010. It was the last game in the series until 2016, when Metroid Prime: Federation Force was released for Nintendo 3DS.


Metroid: Other M was developed by Project M, a collaborative group. Yoshio Sakamoto, Nintendo producer and creator of Metroid describes Project M, as "A development team, made up of many people, components of Nintendo, Team Ninja and D-Rockets". The Nintendo team (specifically the Nintendo SPD Group 1 team), manages the production, music and planning of the games, while Team Ninja, of Tecmo Co., Ltd, is taking care of the mechanics of the games. Lastly, D-Rockets, which takes care of gameplay footage.


The story begins during the Super Metroid epilogue, where Samus is rescued by her little Metroid from Mother Brain which disintegrates him. Holding the last remaining piece of the Piccolo in hand, Samus beats Brain and returns to the Galactic Federation. A few months later, while traveling in space, Samus receives an SOS from the abandoned and unknown Ark Station. Here Samus meets Adam Malkovich, her former superior, and her team, including her old friend Anthony Higgs, and decides to partner with them. They discover that a project was taking place in the station for the construction of BioWeapons, an illegal thing, wanted by the Galactic Federation, which to silence the thing, insinuated a murderer (the Sicario) in Adam's team, with the task of eliminating the survivors. and the whole team. During the investigation, Samus discovers the existence of Sector Zero, where perfect Metroids were created, i.e. insensitive to cold, of a clone of Ridley and MB (Melissa Bergman), a humanoid born with Mother Brain cells, able to control all the creatures of the station. These rebel on the orders of MB, after she has begun, after a self-analysis, to create problems for researchers by supporting their ideals and ideas. The latter, feeling betrayed after the order to change her program, rebels against the humans with the intent of destroying the Galactic Federation, but is shot down by the soldiers of the Federation. Adam Malkovich sacrifices his life by self-destroying Sector Zero from within. After defeating Phantoon, Samus returns to the base before its destruction to retrieve his superior's helmet, and later, in his Zero Suit, escapes the space station before his implosion.

Game Modes

Unlike the other video games of the Prime series, in which it was necessary to use the Wiimote and the Nunchuk, in Metroid: Other M it is necessary to use the remote control horizontally (as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii) to control Samus, while it is possible to point him on the screen to activate the first person mode. Weapons and upgrades are no longer found throughout the game, but you must have Adam's permission to use them; especially when it is not possible to continue with the weapons provided.



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