Metroids (series)


January 24, 2022

Metroid (メ ト ロ イ ド Metoroido?) Is a famous science fiction-themed video game series, conceived by Makoto Kanoh and Hiroji Kiyotake and produced by Nintendo since 1986. The series is known not only for its non-linear style of play, but also for being one of the first to have a female lead: Samus Aran, space bounty hunter. Metroid is one of the most successful sagas for Nintendo, both for audiences and critics.


The Galactic Federation employs bounty hunters, called Space Hunters, to obviate the threat of the Space Pirates, which looms over the peace and order achieved in the galaxy. One of these hunters is Samus Aran, raised by the Chozo population after her parents were killed by the Pirates. Samus has a "Energy Suit" created especially for her by the Chozos, which gives her greater resistance to enemy hits, provides various information, allows underwater breathing and mounts a "Cannon Arm" with infinite ammunition. This suit is also expandable with additions of all kinds, ranging from increased power (and type) of fire to gadgets to perform actions of different kinds.


The chronology of the game's setting is different than the one of publication. Metroid-e Samus' planet, K-2L, is attacked by a group of Space Pirates led by General Ridley. Being the only survivor of her, Samus is found by the Chozos who adopt her and, seeing her as the hero of their prophecies, train her to bring peace to the Galaxy one day, giving her a reproduction of the Energy Suit. While Samus is recruited by the Galactic Federation, the Space Pirates invade Zebes with the help of the Chozo's AI, Mother Brain, who becomes their leader and tells her new allies about the Metroids, creatures that attack the hold by sucking her vital forces. Metroid / Metroid: Zero Mission (1986/2004) Samus is sent to the planet Zebes to stop the space pirates, who are trying to use the alien Metroid race to take over the universe. Defeated Ridley and Kraid, Samus confronts Mother Brain, knocking her down. In the 2004 remake, Metroid: Zero Mission, after the defeat of the final boss, a new sequence was added: Samus's spaceship is intercepted during her escape into space and is hit, crashing to the surface of Zebes. Samus finds himself without her suit, damaged following the explosion of the spaceship; Armed only with an emergency pistol, she enters the temple of Chozodia and finds the real Chozo Energy Suit and with it exterminates the surviving Space Pirates in their mothership. About three years after the events of Metroid, Samus receives an emergency call from the planet Tallon IV, where pirates are trying to exploit a radioactive substance called Phazon. She will discover that the planet was once inhabited by the Chozo race, which became extinct after the impact of a meteorite; inside she will find a Metroid Prime, the first Metroid that, after taking on the Phazon, has increased in strength and size. Samus takes down the Metroid Before her, but before he dies, he takes off her and steals her Phazon Suit, which will be the basis for her new form: Dark Samus.Metroid Prime Hunters (2006) The federation receives a strange telepathic message from the Alimbic planetary system where, apparently, a "supreme power" is concealed. In addition to Samus, six other bounty hunters investigate this elusive power, which turns out to be a ruse devised by a creature called Goree, eager to be freed from her captivity. After her defeat, Samus and the other bounty hunters manage to escape the system.Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (2004) Samus is asked to investigate the planet Aether after the track of a team of Mari has been lost

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