Miracle on 34th street


January 24, 2022

Miracle on 34th Street is a 1994 film directed by Les Mayfield and starring Richard Attenborough as Santa Claus. It is a remake of the famous 1947 film The Miracle of 34th Street directed by George Seaton.


November 24, Thanksgiving Day. Tony, the Santa Claus of the Cole department store, should close the big parade through the streets of New York on the sleigh pulled by fake reindeer; however he is caught drunk while doing his job by Mr. Kris Kringle. Given his very Santa-like appearance, the latter is hired in Tony's place by Mrs. Dorey Walker. Kris identifies himself as Santa Claus and claims he really is. All the children believe he is the real Santa, except Susan, Dorey's sweet daughter, while a friend of hers, Bryan Bedford, tries to get her to believe. Eventually Susan, too, begins to grow fond of Kris, and one evening, while she babysits her, she confesses what she wants for Christmas: a dad, a house and a little brother. Kris convinces the little girl that if she starts believing in Santa she will get those things and Susan starts believing. Meanwhile, the Lanbergh warehouses, competitors of the Cole warehouses, hatch a plan to discredit Cole Kris Kringle's Santa Claus, managing to have him arrested and locked up in a psychiatric clinic. With the help of Bryan who is a lawyer, Dorey takes Kris's case to court and fights for people to be convinced that Santa exists. When everything seems compromised for Kris Kringle as they haven't been able to prove Santa's true existence, little Susan approaches showing the judge a Christmas card with a dollar bill. On the back the words "In God we trust" have been circled, so the judge issues his sentence on the same principle of trust in Santa Claus and Kris is cleared. Following the court case, Dorey and Bryan are maneuvered by Kris into realizing their true feelings for each other, and they get married in a small ceremony right after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, Susan wakes up to discover her marriage realizing that her wish to have a dad for Christmas has been fulfilled; she too comes true her wish to have a house, since Mr. Kringle had bought it that night just for them. When Dorey and Bryan ask Susan what she asked for for Christmas besides those two things, she confesses that she asked for a baby brother, and the couple look down at Dorey's lap and kiss.



At the box office, the film was released in eighth place with $ 2,753,208 and ultimately finished with $ 17,320,146 in North America and $ 46,264,384 worldwide.


Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 60% rating based on reviews from 35 critics. TV Guide called the film "curiously depressing," while the Washington Post's Desson Howe said, in contrast to the 1947 version, that "it will not be found on television (or its computer equivalent) in half a century." His supporters included Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, who gave the film "two thumbs up" on their show. Michael Medved of Sneak Previews said, "This is the new vacation classic America has been waiting for."


1995 - Saturn Awards Nomination for Best Supporting Actor (Richard Attenborough)


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